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Calls from 888-855-8546...

By geekchic ·
Does anyone else get them? I am on the do not call list and have reported this number numerous times. I have at least 3 calls a day, sometimes one every 45 minutes or so. (I can tell by the caller ID.) When I am home and answer, there is no one there!

One time I just held on for about 3 minutes (took a chance there) and finally someone came on the line and asked to speak to my husband. When I told them he was not available, they started into a sales pitch about donating to some charity for children with cancer. First of all, I have nothing against donating to causes that support children...HOWEVER...when I asked the name of the charity all I got was...."you don't want children with cancer to live????????" in a loud screechie voice. At the point, I told her I was not interested and for her to remove the number from their list and never call us back. She responded, you can't ask me that, I ask to speak to your husband and only he can request that.

My husband walked in and I told him it was someone at "the" number and he took the phone and said take us off the your list and don't call back again....and of course, they said something about uncaring people and hung up.

Now, if they are a VALID organization...don't you THINK they would have given me the name of the charity????

I get home today and they have called another 6 times today....anybody else having this problem???

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Wow that is a scary website!!

by geekchic In reply to web search

I checked it out and actually the same number that is calling us in down near the bottom of the page...but that website creeps me out! LOL!

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scary name

by Dr Dij In reply to Wow that is a scary websi ...

but it was the only site in the (google) world that had that phone#.

maybe the callers are a dark gov't conspiracy to bug you :)

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I gotta try a variation on that, Bfilm

by jck In reply to I like that

and pretend I start manipulating myself in the middle of the call...breathing heavy...making smacking sounds...maybe get outlandish and his something cushiony and smack it against a doorframe.

I bet the telemarketer would hang up quick...especially if I included some recorded horse and/or sheep sounds ]:)

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Fractured Telephone Tails

by BFilmFan In reply to I gotta try a variation o ...

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Pull....

I ain't gonna go no further with this before some lady here smacks me with something heavy.

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As always, jck

by neilb@uk In reply to I gotta try a variation o ...

Just a tad over the top...

Tell me, just what are your "recorded horse and/or sheep sounds"?


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well if you must know

by jck In reply to As always, jck

I have CDs of soundbites, neil...including belching and farting as well. ]:)

You see...sometimes, it's fun to put messages on an answering machine...that are more than "Hi. It's me. I called. Call me back. Bye."

I do try to have a sense of humour, you know

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Recorded in your own studio, no doubt!!

by DMambo In reply to well if you must know
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the ones

by jck In reply to well if you must know

just the farting noises

did I mention...I love beans and jalape?os? ]:)

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I am afraid to ask

by jdclyde In reply to I gotta try a variation o ...

what you were doing when you recorded the horse and sheep......

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I was

by jck In reply to I am afraid to ask

standing outside your bedroom with a shotgun mic? would be amazed...just go google "soundtracks CD sound effects" and look at what you can get on CD.

Anyways...there are belches of all sorts of body sounds and everything...they even name them "The Squeaker" and "Vesuvius" and's hilarious.

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