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Calls from 888-855-8546...

By geekchic ·
Does anyone else get them? I am on the do not call list and have reported this number numerous times. I have at least 3 calls a day, sometimes one every 45 minutes or so. (I can tell by the caller ID.) When I am home and answer, there is no one there!

One time I just held on for about 3 minutes (took a chance there) and finally someone came on the line and asked to speak to my husband. When I told them he was not available, they started into a sales pitch about donating to some charity for children with cancer. First of all, I have nothing against donating to causes that support children...HOWEVER...when I asked the name of the charity all I got was...."you don't want children with cancer to live????????" in a loud screechie voice. At the point, I told her I was not interested and for her to remove the number from their list and never call us back. She responded, you can't ask me that, I ask to speak to your husband and only he can request that.

My husband walked in and I told him it was someone at "the" number and he took the phone and said take us off the your list and don't call back again....and of course, they said something about uncaring people and hung up.

Now, if they are a VALID organization...don't you THINK they would have given me the name of the charity????

I get home today and they have called another 6 times today....anybody else having this problem???

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NEVER give money to Telemarketers!

by jdclyde In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

No matter what the charity is. About 80% of the money raised goes to the telemarketers leaving only 20% (if your lucky) going to the charity.

This was NOT a valid telemarketer either. Some scam artist looking to get your account info.

Call your phone company as to what can be done.

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Donate in person

by mjd420nova In reply to NEVER give money to Telem ...

I get lots of calls where there is no one there, and after 30 seconds or so, some one comes on
and asks for me. Looking for donations. I made
the mistake of donating to a firefighters fund
raiser with a check, one time. Now I get calls
from every city fire department in the SF Bay
area. I refuse them all, and go to my local
fire house to donate. Also some credit card
and collection agencies use computers to call
your number and then alert an operator when you answer. Try this one. Your phone rings, you
drop what you're doing and rush to answer. The
voice on the line says you have an important call. So important that a live person can't
make it??

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hang up immed

by Dr Dij In reply to Donate in person

if there is a recording or no answer, quickly hang up!

the longer you talk the more you encourage them.

if they offer to come by in person to pick up check DO NOT DONATE, these are local scams, they have a charity that sounds like is real but donates none or a tiny amount

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To Paraphrase jdclyde...

by DMambo In reply to NEVER give money to Telem ...

Well, to plagiarize jdclyde...

"NEVER give money to Telemarketers!

No matter what the charity is. About 80% of the money raised goes to the telemarketers leaving only 20% (if your lucky) going to the charity.

This was NOT a valid telemarketer either. Some scam artist looking to get your account info."

These boiler room a$$h0l3s will even purport to represent a local charity. They are scams. I've had calls from people claiming to be raising money for our local volunteer fire dept, which I give to annually. When I called the VFD to check it out, they told me the only information they had was from the other 50 phone calls they had received asking about these leeches.

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Do support charities, just do it in person

by jdclyde In reply to To Paraphrase jdclyde...

Esp because more and more are these "leeches" who refuse to get an honest job.

Right on mambo!

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and like I stressed before...

by jck In reply to Do support charities, jus ...

if someone is a cop, don't believe em.

There was an "association" that was supposedly taking donations to help out the families of injured and killed officers.

I was gonna make a donation, until I saw a story about them and their more than dozen sister fronts that were only giving between 2 and 8 percent of their collections to FOPs and police families.

that stopped the check going out right there.

One organization I usually give to I am about to look into, because I think they went to using a professional telemarketer.

Sorry...but if you want my money, have a *real* cop volunteer time and call me for 2 minutes and you'll get a fat check outta me. Otherwise, I don't wanna give to support a business. I wanna help people whose family member protected and served at personal cost.

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It was the cop one that almost got me

by jdclyde In reply to and like I stressed befor ...

The first thing I suspected was when I found they had also hit the wife up the day before and she was getting ready to send out a check.

I checked into it and found out the cut the hellemarketers were getting and we cancelled BOTH checks.

There is a ring in **** for telemarketers and SPAMMERS.

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re charities

by Jaqui In reply to Do support charities, jus ...

the best way to support one:

find one that is very small, and give some time, it's often far more appreciated than money.
( I've spent years doing this with small groups feeding homeless people. )
a few hours one day a week or more often if you want lets you do something to help others, and also lets you see what is really needed with the organisation before tossing money at them. what if it's not funding but organisation of records where they really need help?

( or with the one I help, my skills cooking are just what they need. )

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'Tis sad

by jmgarvin In reply to NEVER give money to Telem ...

When good orgs like the FOP and REAL cancer groups get left in the cold because of scammers like this.

What really gets my goat is that there is nothing to prevent the "bad guys" from doing this...

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I give to the local FOP

by jck In reply to 'Tis sad

if a police officer with a badge comes by or calls...I get the name and badge number, then call and confirm it's a real officer. If not, I know what the guy looks like and they can get him for impersonating an officer of the law...which is a felony in Florida.

Oh yeah...I'll put telemarketers in prison...then they'll get some REAL donations from the big brothas in there ]:)

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