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Calls from 888-855-8546...

By geekchic ·
Does anyone else get them? I am on the do not call list and have reported this number numerous times. I have at least 3 calls a day, sometimes one every 45 minutes or so. (I can tell by the caller ID.) When I am home and answer, there is no one there!

One time I just held on for about 3 minutes (took a chance there) and finally someone came on the line and asked to speak to my husband. When I told them he was not available, they started into a sales pitch about donating to some charity for children with cancer. First of all, I have nothing against donating to causes that support children...HOWEVER...when I asked the name of the charity all I got was...."you don't want children with cancer to live????????" in a loud screechie voice. At the point, I told her I was not interested and for her to remove the number from their list and never call us back. She responded, you can't ask me that, I ask to speak to your husband and only he can request that.

My husband walked in and I told him it was someone at "the" number and he took the phone and said take us off the your list and don't call back again....and of course, they said something about uncaring people and hung up.

Now, if they are a VALID organization...don't you THINK they would have given me the name of the charity????

I get home today and they have called another 6 times today....anybody else having this problem???

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Do all telemarketers represent charities?

by Oz_Media In reply to NEVER give money to Telem ...

When you get a call about your visa card, is that not a telemarketer too?

When the car dealership reminds you of a recall or preferred client service, is that not also a telemarketer?

How do MOST sales based business promote a product or service? Telemarketing is at teh top of the list.

It is obvious from reading these replies here, that nobody has the foggiest clue about running a sales/service based business, not the slightest clue of cost control and market penetration or the sales process as a whole.

In fact this entire discussion appears to be a rant from the severely uneducated.

To the original post, the number you get on your call display is a phantom, it doesn't actually exist as a phone number, it is computer generated from a dialer. The company calling you is abusing their lists and not managing the dialer, thus you get dead air before an agent answers, this is often a fly by night just looking for money, but it happens to larger and respectable companies too.

I've had NO telemarketers call me at all, NONE, in mroe than 8 years. I am on Canada's NDNC list and it works for me, if it didn't, by being polite and requesting the Quality Assurance manager, I will be removed immediately.

If a company in Canada refuses to remove your number when requested, I have seen them shut down completely, fined $2000 and the agents are always fired, usually along with the QA manager.

I used to work for the CRTC, monitoring telemarketing companies in BC and Ontario. We followed up on complaints and even recorded and listened to telemarketing companies calls by visiting branches and taping the calls, listening live etc. THere are VERY few actual BS or fake companies in the raquet, we just hear about them more and not the thpousands that are legit.

I would also suggest never giving money over the phone, unless you are given a number to check with the BB and call back at YOUR convenience. But this is a mere spit in the ocean of telemarketing as an industry and a very viable and lucrative industry that speeds up processes, saves immense amounts of money for the company and ultimately allows you and I to purchase our products at much mroe competitive prices.

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donating to charities

by jck In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

I can only name 3 charities I give money to that call me. However, *all* of them are organizations I made primary contact with to give money. They just make the annual call to ask if I want to give again.

If anyone you haven't contacted yourself calls you out of the blue, don't even give them your name, location, if you're married or not, etc. Some telemarketers get a area code and prefix listing and have an automated dialer ring a random number in the area for each person working that night. were smart. Don't trust anyone that calls you out of the blue. Even if they say they are police, request a phone number to return a call at then call the phone company or look it up on the internet.

Criminals are smart least some are...the rest are smart enough just to copy what the smart ones do.

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Give money? Heck they don't even hear my voice..

by TomSal In reply to donating to charities

I am by no means a socialite first off, but nothing makes that point more apparent then telemarketers, they just click a nerve in me that makes me very loathing of their existance -- I hate their profession to its core.

First I get so many vendors (unsolicited (sp?) most of the time) calling me on a near daily basis at work every day...then I get home and have the telemarketers call me at all hours no matter what day it is. And that REALLY punchs my buttons -- telemarketers calling post 9PM on a weekday or ANYTIME on a weekend.

Mind you unless something has me steaming before hand, I always give "new" telemarketers the courtesy of hearing my voice go "Sorry I am not interested please never call this number again", however if they don't get it from then on...they never even hear me talk -- I simply look at caller ID, pick up the phone and immediately hang up on them.

If I'm bored or just really want to transfer my bad day to someone else -- I'll pick up and toy with them and then get all kinds of rude with them.. as in "Why the **** do you guys insist on calling people who tell you 100 times not to call back?" or "Why the **** do you bother me with your trash peddling on a weekend? Do you not have a life?", etc. etc.

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I would never give money...

by geekchic In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

to someone who called me. I have charities that I give to but out of the blue demanding phone callers aren't on my list. Well, they are on my list but not the good one.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

"Please leave your name and number after the click."

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by awalt In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

I am also on the do not call list and receive many unavailable calls, I don't bother picking them up, but I thought there was some law passed that required the caller to have a call back number displayed ?

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800 # exception

by Dr Dij In reply to Also...

if they call you from an 800# they can avoid having calling# show on caller ID. they pay extra for this.

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I had to pay Qwest an extra couple dollars every month

by Absolutely In reply to Also...

to screen calls from blocked numbers. It was worth the money.

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by awalt In reply to I had to pay Qwest an ext ...

for the info, something I will look into.

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by highlander718 In reply to I had to pay Qwest an ext ...

so, you put yourself on the "do not call list", the 800's pay to not list/display their number, you pay to indeed list their number. Next they will pay to "list their number that you pay to list even if they payed to not list" .. :-)

jeeez ...

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