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Calls from 888-855-8546...

By geekchic ·
Does anyone else get them? I am on the do not call list and have reported this number numerous times. I have at least 3 calls a day, sometimes one every 45 minutes or so. (I can tell by the caller ID.) When I am home and answer, there is no one there!

One time I just held on for about 3 minutes (took a chance there) and finally someone came on the line and asked to speak to my husband. When I told them he was not available, they started into a sales pitch about donating to some charity for children with cancer. First of all, I have nothing against donating to causes that support children...HOWEVER...when I asked the name of the charity all I got was...."you don't want children with cancer to live????????" in a loud screechie voice. At the point, I told her I was not interested and for her to remove the number from their list and never call us back. She responded, you can't ask me that, I ask to speak to your husband and only he can request that.

My husband walked in and I told him it was someone at "the" number and he took the phone and said take us off the your list and don't call back again....and of course, they said something about uncaring people and hung up.

Now, if they are a VALID organization...don't you THINK they would have given me the name of the charity????

I get home today and they have called another 6 times today....anybody else having this problem???

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You forgot..

by Dr Dij In reply to crazy

any changes you make to your phone account, you pay an account change fee, at least we do on verizon. so to cancel a feature to save me $5/mo I pay $10..

Kind of like that funny commercial for free checking accounts where the teller is telling them there is a fee to speak to him, they get angry and he adds an 'emotional outburst' fee...

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by Dr Dij In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

canadian scam telemarketers, who don't need to obey the law because they are in canada with weak telemarking laws.

60 minutes expose last week showed they scam $5billion out of elderly, often with the canadian lottery scam.

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Quick hangup etiquette

by Dr Dij In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...

Immediately ask "who's calling?"
if they continue with their spiel and don't answer, hang up.
if they answer and is not someone you know,
say quickly:
'no thank you' and hang up.
do not wait on line to get affirmation from them.

also if you get a call and you say hello and no answer within 2 seconds or so, hang up.
a friend will be listening for you and answer immediately.
a telemarketer is on a 'predictive dialer', i.e. they call more phone #s than they can talk to, knowing not all will answer then the machine switches (with a delay) to a live operator if you answer.

so if you hang up quickly if no answer it is telemarketer

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no hello

by john.a.wills In reply to Quick hangup etiquette

Answer the phone with your name. That way if they then ask for you by name you know they weren't listening when you answered and you can hang up without saying anything, without getting annoyed, without wasting time.

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don't like to give out name

by Dr Dij In reply to no hello

they don't usually know who they're calling so I'd rather not give out my name if I don't know who it is. Hello is sufficient to see if a human is on the line right then or your friend.

I've actually had some telemarketer I made quick shrift of call back a couple times a day for a few weeks, and not say anything for 15 secs then hang up. Kind of creepy, ? Well their life is worse than mine so I don't worry about it :)

I think they forget you quicker if they don't know your name, easier to hold a grudge if they know your phone and that your name is 'Bob' e.g.

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Charities & other non-profits are exempt from DNC regs..

by deepsand In reply to Calls from 888-855-8546.. ...
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And don't forget when they wrote that law

by jdclyde In reply to Charities & other non-pro ...

law makers made themselves exempt from it as well.

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That's 'cause they're "not for profit"!!!

by deepsand In reply to And don't forget when the ...

I do so wish that those pitching for $$$ to "support members of law enforcement" would give it a break; locally they've gone so far as to arrange for monthly automatic contributions using your credit card!

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Yep you are right however...

by geekchic In reply to Charities & other non-pro ...

I ask them for the charity name and they wouldn't answer my question...just threw insults at me. I did ask these people to stop calling me the one time someone actually answered when I picked up the phone AND they are still calling me at least 6 times a day every day this week so far. Today, I was home sick and could I get any rest....NO! Everytime I picked up the blasted phone when it rang NO ONE WOULD BE THERE...JUST SERIES OF CLICKS! I checked with our phone company (SBC)and they want $5 a month to block any numbers we want, but I only want ONE blocked. I am not getting any other calls that need to be blocked so I guess I am just stuck with not being able to have a peaceful day.

Reporting them to the DNC list hasn't done anything and I reported the number at least 45 times before they finally answered the phone and "said" that they were a charity...which I still don't believe.

Just getting ticked off now....

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Separating the wolves from the sheep can be difficult.

by deepsand In reply to Yep you are right however ...

And, to exacerbate the problem, sometimes legitimate not-for-profits unwittingly contract their business out to less than reputable call centers.

The calls that you are receiving are obviously being made by what is known as a predictive dialer. When a call is answered, a call progress module attempts to determine whether it was answered by a human or by a device.

If it determines that the call was most likely answered by a human, it will place your call in a hold queue, and attempt to connect you with a live attendant.

If the call goes unanswered, is answered by a device, is answered by a human who says nothing, or is placed in the queue but never connected to an attendant, your phone number remains on the list of those remaining to be called.

If you are connected with an attendant, and the caller's system is "well behaved," you should receive no further calls from them under the current project only.

Given that the caller here in question seems to be engaging in "abusive" and/or "aggressive" tactics, I would suggest that you 1st re-address the issue with your telco, and follow that with a complaint to your state's Public Utility Commission. Additionally, you might report such to your representative(s) in your state government.

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