Can I have some help with my sick Windows 10 pc?

By JADavis9 ·
I've been gone for a while but I'm back. This ACER All-in-One Aspire ZC-102 16gb RAM desktop PC has been misbehaving badly for a few months. I'm pretty sure that it's a hardware issue since it even takes too long to boot Windows 10 and several other odd things happen on a regular basis.
1. Slow boot
2. Process Explorer that I replaced Task Manager with shows 20 processes that aren't running and that it can't restart.
3. On IE while typing it randomly gets busy and ignores keyboard input but sometimes is normal.
4. My bootable CD of GRC SpinRite won't boot anymore but it used to so my BIOS is obviously set right & I've verified that it is thru GRC tech. Maybe the PC is too distracted even before Windows boots so that means this must be a hardware issue and isn't Windows fault since it happens before Windows is even booted up?
5. DVD player doesn't auto-play when I insert a disc so I go to File Explorer and it can read the disc just fine.
6. Sometimes clicking on a link or attempting to start a program seems to do nothing but I've learned to just wait since it will eventually happen.
7. It runs so slowly that when I come back to it and it's on Screensaver, a simple mouse move doesn't wake it up even if I wait for several minutes. I've learned to both tap the mouse, tap a keyboard key and be patient.
8. It runs so slowly that updates or processes such as downloading the new database file for Malwarebytes don't ever happen fast enough so their system pops a reminder task bar box telling me that my data is old and past due and click here to update it even though that is set to be done automatically.
I could go on but those are the main things. I don't have enough money to just take my PC somewhere to be fixed so I need to try to fix it myself. For now, I've just been trying to live with it.
I did just learn of a process where the computer can create a PDF file of anything that it is doing between two points in time by typing “Steps Recorder” after the Windows icon is clicked. Could this be a benefit to help figure this out? I've never run it yet so obviously I've never seen what that PDF tells me that is good or bad.

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