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Can I make the jump to Management?

By RB_ITProfessional ·
Hi All,
I am evaluating my career path again, something I do on a regular basis. At this point, I am evaluating the "how" surrounding moving into management. I would really appreciate your advice and feedback.

My long term goal is to move into an executive management position where my primary role would be setting the strategy for using technology to drive business objectives. I'm wondering if I am on the right path, and what are some additional steps I need to make that happen.

My background is as follows (some of these were concurrent):

-Bachelors in IT
-Masters Degree in Business
-2 Years Systems Administration
-4 Years Application Development
-2 Years Business Analysis
-2 Years Project Management
-1 Year Process Improvement (Six Sigma)

I currently work as a contractor doing Process Improvement and Project Management. My goal with each contract that I take is to leverage it to get me the experience that I need to move into management. With my current contract I am looking to hone my experience managing a large budget. What are some additional things I should be focusing on in upcoming contracts to get me to where I want to be? Any other thoughts or feedback?


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Fortune 500, Big State or Federal Contract

by BFilmFan In reply to Can I make the jump to Ma ...

I would advise that you get at least one project from each of those categories on your resume.

Also you may want to get the official PMI and Six Sigma certifications.

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You also need personality and attitude.

by DC_GUY In reply to Can I make the jump to Ma ...

Very little of what you do will be what you like. No matter what your job description, in management-level jobs your "primary role" will be walking through the minefield of corporate politics, solving problems that you're sure would never have happened if you were in charge, untangling personality conflicts, trying to accomplish impossible goals with insufficient resources, and simply surviving.

Do you like that kind of high-risk, high-pressure environment? Do you enjoy having accountabilty without authority? Do you not mind spending days on end doing busywork which often is trashed before completion?

Be careful. The job you're looking for doesn't really exist.

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by RB_ITProfessional In reply to You also need personality ...

Interesting perspective. I appreciate the honest feedback. I'd be curious to hear some other feedback on your perspective. Is this the norm?

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Sounds reasonable

by dafe2 In reply to Can I make the jump to Ma ...

In addition to the sound comments from Bfilfan & DC Guy - I'd add a bottle of Valium to the list.... LOL

Actually, your experience coupled with Six Sigma or ITIL makes you a good 'fit'.

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Moving to management

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Can I make the jump to Ma ...

It looks like you have the right education and experience. Are you comfortable dealing with the techies on one side and the (usually) very non-technical executives on the other? How are your supervisory skills? In my experience, many techies make terrible supervisors, with notable exceptions. If you are comfortable managing people, projects, expectations, budgets, can communicate well with upper management, etc., you are probably a good fit. Expect to spend a large share of your time meeting with people/committees, writing proposals, etc., and much less time doing technical work.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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by IT-Analyst In reply to Moving to management

I agree with Craig Herberg.As one move up the ladder its more of the people management one has to do and less of the techie part.As you have both IT and management and relevant experience you could be a good fit.But be clear on what you mean by "management"

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You just need to try

by billyboys In reply to Can I make the jump to Ma ...

I believe you have what it takes to be a good IT manager. All you have to do is believe you're management material. Start sending out your CV and prepare well for the interview. Nobody can ever be fully-prepared/qualified to be a manager. All you need is luck and confidence in the interviews. Once you're hired, learn the trade as you work.

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Relationships Move Careers

by john.mayo In reply to You just need to try

You have developed the requisite skills to be a good manager. People who hire managers, however, do so on the basis of how well they know you, which is typically not well, hence the difficulty breaking into management. Start networking at the 'C' and Sr. VP level and you will get your opportunity. Little else matters at this point.

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Thank You

by RB_ITProfessional In reply to Relationships Move Career ...

Thanks everyone for the feedback, I really appreciate it. You have brought up a lot for me to think about. I will keep you posted on updates!

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What is IN your CV?

by Spiros In reply to Can I make the jump to Ma ...

Hi... Assuming that you got the skills, what is really in your CV? What is teh image that you are projecting? What I mean...

When I thing of management, I think of project justification (eg ROI, IRR, TCO), people management, vendor management, impact of deliverables in the business, proof of your ability to plan and prepare (a project, a team, a process... whatever).

Your CV should be full of (key) achievements and not of lists of responsibilities.

I hope that helps in preparingyour Cv and a new mindset on how/with which to go in a new interview.


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