Can I set up a Windows 7 UI in Windows 8?

By amsiservice ·
Can I set up a Windows 7 UI in Windows 8? I can't find anything. Maybe just getting old but It is slow and cumbersome for me (Win .
How do I do so, if possible?

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Might depend on what UI you are really wanting.

If your just looking for a Start Menu, I've read a lot of comments about Start8, costs like $4.95. Another I've heard about is ClassicShell, freeware. Start8 is probably simpler, but ClassicShell gives more options. I also found one called Start Menu 8, also freeware.
I have no experience with any of these, since I don't have a Windows 8 PC yet.

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Reponse To Answer

by YehudahGriffin In reply to Might depend on what UI y ...

I use Start8, it works fine. They've updated it a few times, and I've not had any issues with it. It's a no-brainer @$4.95.

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Actually Cannot

by Richaldanny In reply to Can I set up a Windows 7 ...

Seems you cannot do that, and windows 8.1 has updated with a start button.But the UI is not the same as windows 7.

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How do you get to the Desktop in Windows 8?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can I set up a Windows 7 ...

When on the Metro Start page, if you click on the Desktop icon you go to the typical Desktop.
You can get to the desktop from the Start screen by tapping or clicking the Desktop tile (it shows your desktop background), or by using the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key (Windows logo key+D).

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What About

by mike In reply to Can I set up a Windows 7 ...

Windows 8 includes Virtual and you can create a virtual machine which could run windows7. Not sure you would want windows 7 embedded in windows 8, then why have windows 8? Or else use Classic Shell and chose Windows 7 interface and be done with it until Blue comes out

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by ronstrong In reply to Can I set up a Windows 7 ...

I use it was $3 for two licences (other multiple deals too)

It just makes the computer work again. Start button is back (albeit a different logo that you can change). boots to desktop. ability to put metro menu in it's place only showing metro apps.

I can't tell you the relief I felt after installing it - I upgraded my laptop 7 - 8, everything transferred ok but it wasn't my computer any more. I bought startisback and it was mine again.

Just get it and see!

p.s. I have no connection to the developers apart from my gratitude

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It's been already mentioned, I highly recommend it - Classic Shell

by eM DuBYaH In reply to Can I set up a Windows 7 ...

It will make W8 usable once again. It's the first thing I install after I load W8 on a machine.

You can choose the 2000 look/feel, XP or Vista/7.

It's FREE!


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Reponse To Answer

by ronstrong In reply to It's been already mention ...

looks good but I think more for power users. Startisback is a very quick easy fix for anyone, i don't have any problem with the evolution of explorer etc. but windows 8 was taking the ..!

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Try to develop the UI like Win7 compatible with Win8

by xiaoyuandlg In reply to Can I set up a Windows 7 ...

You might try to do researches on the development of the Win8 compatible UI design with some UI component tutorials:

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