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Can I Use a 2-Wire Wireless DSL Router without the DSL

By rkorb ·
I'm switching over to Cable Modem from DSL because it's 4x faster and less money (just a bit less, but the speed makes it worth it...)

The 2-WIRE DSL modem is mine to keep as I've had it for a couple years so I'm wondering if I can use it to extend my wireless network (as an access point). I have a Netgear WGT624 V2 wireless router connected to my cable modem in a distant back room (where the cable comes in). The netgear is running DHCP services and properly routing.

So as an experiment I shut off DHCP services on the 2-Wire modem and set up the LAN's to be on the same 192.168.1.x network. I figured if I leave the wireless active, run the 2-Wire on the same network as the Netgear and run DHCP on the netgear that I could connect wirelessly to the 2-Wire and the DHCP requests would be fullfilled by the Netgear router. and guess worked!.. that is until I unplugged the phone line from the 2-Wire DSL router.

As soon as the DSL broadband light (on the 2-Wire HomePortal 1800HG) went red the wireless connection and hub stopped functioning even though the LAN light was still green. So here's the question:: Is there a way to disable the broadband/WAN on this 2Wire HomePortal 1800HG, but keep the WIRELESS and LAN services active so that I can continue to use the modem to extend my little wireless network after I shut down the DSL service?? Ideas and comments are much appreciated. - THX

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I was able to achieve this

by alameh In reply to Can I Use a 2-Wire Wirele ...

I'm not sure of the exact model I used, because
I did this for my apartment complex and it is now behind locked doors. Basically I went through the options within the 2wire config page ( for my model) and I was able to dig up something along the lines of "Broadband Connection" and there was the option of manually assigning the IP Address for the router, as well as the Default Gateway, etc. I just put an unused IP for the router and copied over the other setting from the wired network. Now it provides my complex wireless internet even though we have comcast as an ISP...

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yes its possible

by Puppet9 In reply to Can I Use a 2-Wire Wirele ...

Yes you can use the 2wire as a wireless router only, the only problem is that to configure the broadband link you need to log into the management console. The management console is different for each isp. I work for an ISP and the management console password is changed somewhat regularly. I cannot give it out for the reason that some people will change every setting they can get their hands on to try and increase their speed, in the process a certain percentage brick their modem, costing us a service call.

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How to

by markosjal In reply to Can I Use a 2-Wire Wirele ...

This works with ANY DSL modem or wireless router I have tested it with so far. Once I even used something like it to connect 2 computers over a LAN one via ethernet and another via USB (that had no ethernet) with a Motorola Cable Modem. It ASSUMES you have an existing router on the network, whether in the cable modem or an external router.

On the 2 wire modem or router, access the user interface and disable DHCP server.

On the 2 WIre modem or router, Assign the LAN segment a safe and Valid IP on your network on the same subnet. (this may work on a different subnet, but you will lose access to the config page. Do not forget to use a valid subnet mask.

Once the IP is changed and DHCP server deactivated you will need a temporary fixed IP to see and reconnect to the modem??s new IP.

You will need to configure the wireless on both the 2 wire and the computer you will connect from.

Now connect your existing Modem/router to the 2wire modem/router??s LAN port. If this is a router, you will not use the WAN port at all.

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