Can I use Internet explorer with google chrome?

By mmdlove ·
I am still confused, I think my pages won't load from task bar because I still have ie7 toolbar on here. Do I need to leave ie7 on even though I use Chrome? I am not finding much help from them and am sure its because they have so many people asking things. My Chrome will not loas from the taskbar. Also recently viewed pages do not have a place to be taken off to make room for new ones. I have a new browser re-installed last night and do not want to run the comp when these things could mess up my comp. Thanks to anyone who can help!!!

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Yes, you can use IE with Chrome

by robo_dev In reply to Can I use Internet explor ...

Of course, IE7 is just a web browser app, as is Google Chrome.

In Windows you can set a default-browser, which will direct things like desktop shortcuts to one web browser or the other.

So if you have desktop or taskbar shortcuts to a web page, the default browser setting will launch the default browser when you click on the shortcut.

There is no need to remove IE7, it won't hurt anything, and certain things like Windows Update and sometimes one or two websites will simply work better with IE.

Not sure which version of Windows you have; the instructions for setting the default browser are a little different for each version.

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chrome is ok, but i think firefox is better.

by databaseben In reply to Can I use Internet explor ...

for one thing, microsofts internet explorer is not removable. it is integrated with the operating system. at best you can upgrade or downgrade the version of internet explorer.

but other browsers like google chrome, firefox and others can be installed and used as well.

in fact, if your system is running proficiently, you can actually open all the browsers up and run them at the same time on the computer and they won't interfere with each other.

incidentally, online banks require the sophisticated security features of internet explorer and firefox in order to access your private financial accounts.

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Reponse To Answer

by mmdlove In reply to chrome is ok, but i think ...

This is fascinating, Last night I took my google chrome off as pages weren't loading properly and could not get help from the correct people.. Since I had put Chrome on I thought IE7 was not going to interfere, only to find once chrome was off I could not get to any shortcut thru anywhere to browse to get google Chrome. Anyway I am no expert only a geek and it did turn out all right. Thanks for answering this I was very worried.

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Reponse To Answer

by databaseben In reply to chrome is ok, but i think ...

you're welcome mmdlove.

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Yes You can

by johannvds In reply to Can I use Internet explor ...

You can download an IE Plugin for chrome that will allow you to run IE in emulation mode within Chrome, pretty cool to compensate for those lazy web designers that only code to IE functionality. I personally use it.

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Check your Default Browser

by a.portman In reply to Can I use Internet explor ...

I have IE8, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera installed. They all live well together. IE is set for default because it makes downloading from microsoft easier. Firefox is my primary browser. Since Mozilla has seen fit to change Firefox to Firefox (not responding), I have been using Chrome more.

Some sites are IE specific. Unfortunately, some of these sites (Like some government sites) are kinda important.

You might want to update to IE8, it has been awhile since it came out.

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