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Can someone explain this site to me?

By Mickster269 ·

"Out of the packages,
Genpets have limited mobility. Like dolls, puppies or human babies, they must be looked after and cared for. Upon waking from its dormant state the Genpet will immediatly bond or imprint to your child."

This site scares me.

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The FIRST thing I thought of

by jdclyde In reply to I got an excellent EMail ...

was "BladeRunner".

"The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long and you have burned so very, very brightly Roy."

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What about the legality of this,

by mjwx In reply to Can someone explain this ...

Assuming it is real (assumption being the mother of allfuckups)

Isn?t there laws passed in our respective countries about the limits of GM (Genetic Modification) and would this not skirt or cross the lines of such a law.

Now lets not forget morality, when we create a living being we essentially become its god (in the sense of "the creator") are we then not responsible for its well being and further more its actions. Are we good gods allowing creatures to be sold in such a fashion, uncertain of their fate. I suppose this is no different than a puppy being abandoned but we made these creature (now the paranoid part of me asks what happens when our creations rise up against us, shhh quiet they can hear our thoughts. green onion. green onion. I'm thinking of a green onion.)

Weirdness all around me man, it looks like something I would see on the X-files.

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Real? I have to assume that you're joking

by neilb@uk In reply to What about the legality o ...

But if you're not, jdclyde posted some significant URLs. Depending on how much you can be bothered to read them (and I would recommend that you don't bother), it looks like some weird "art" with the website thrown in just to really screw up a few sensitivities. You can also buy them though I would suspect that there's not too many.

There is absolutely NO WAY that any of the "biological" claims are supportable by any current science so chill out.


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Of course its not real,

by mjwx In reply to Real? I have to assume th ...

hence the paranoid joke at the end. What does concern me that if it were, would we try and sell it.

The site is well done though, you can even get an optional tooth remover.

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That link is more disturbing than the original subject!

by neilb@uk In reply to This link is interesting ...

Chimeras have been produced fairly routinely in laboratories for over thirty years. The only reason that the Chinese are the "first" to admit producing a part-human chimera is that most countries with the capability would regard it as both illegal and unethical and the Chinese don't give a sh:t. It's also pretty dangerous - for the same reason as is including human genes in GM animals or using animal parts in human transplants - with a much increased risk of cross-species virus transmission.

Unusually for me, I'm against chimera-type research as I usually am game for anything science can do. Still, like the GM stuff and pig implants, it might make money so who gives a...

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by maecuff In reply to That link is more disturb ...

An explanation. My second husband was a chimera, half human and half jackass.

It IS interesting though.

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by jdclyde In reply to Finally

when listing the contents of anything, you always list the ingredients with the highest amounts first..... ;\

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You are right!

by maecuff In reply to Mae

Thank you for correcting my oversight!

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Sheesh, Mae

by Tig2 In reply to Finally

I think we were both married to the same guy! :)Or at least close relatives...

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