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Can someone explain this site to me?

By Mickster269 ·

"Out of the packages,
Genpets have limited mobility. Like dolls, puppies or human babies, they must be looked after and cared for. Upon waking from its dormant state the Genpet will immediatly bond or imprint to your child."

This site scares me.

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Its better than that!!!

by techrep In reply to Sick hoax? cruel joke? ...

I hope it comes to a town near me SOON. I want to see. Heck if I have enough money, I want to own it.

Yes I know what Genpet is. It took me a bit to do the research. but WOW, I will not take away the fun of doing that research to anyone who is still stupefied of what this is all about.

That is why I wrote my post this way, because I can see some people are still confused by it. My suggestion: do the research, the finding is worth every effort.

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I suppose that would only work

by jdclyde In reply to Its better than that!!!

for people that come in posting without reading any of the other posts.

Direct links explaining the history have been posted since the first day of this discussion by several people here. (including me).

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keeping the sleuthing spirit alive

by FedererFan In reply to Its better than that!!!

You are right. It is more than that. Check out this link for all the dirt.

Hope that doesn't give too much away.....d'oh! LOL


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What In Gods (??) Name???

by dmcwilliams In reply to Can someone explain this ...

Pretty creepy, even if it's not real. There has to be a movie or a book deal in this somewhere.
Hey I wonder if Gen Pests can be trained to do IT work then I could buy a bunch, train 'em and send them out to do the IT dirty work that I find so boring and demeaning. They'll probably be happy to do something useful.
Then again what happens when they discover caffiene and they go bonkers and revolt or start reproducing and we all end up working for them.
Hey maybe the Brain and Pinkie can use these critters to take over the world!!!

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by Uglycelt In reply to Can someone explain this ...

seems sick to me

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Like I said before

by JamesRL In reply to Genpets

The artists intent was to make you think. And you had a reaction.

I would bet you had the one the artist was hoping for.


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