Can someone help Me with Window XP?

By sanwardak ·
I have installed Windows XPS3, but the internet is not working. There is no problem with my modeam or network card because internet work when I install Windows 7 or Vista. When I install XP even it cant detect the network connection icon, it should give me the option to setup a network at final steps of instalition, but it not.
Thanks in Advance

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It really would be easier if you answered my questions.

by Ron K. In reply to It Have the following

Really. <br>
I understand that some plain-jane boxes don't have a make and model number on them but there is utility software than can help identify the equipment you are using. One such program is Belarc Advisor, available here: <br>
Download the software onto the computer you're using to post to TR and then use whatever method you have available to copy it over to your 'bad' computer. <br>
When you run Belarc you'll see information about the motherboard on the right side under the heading, 'Main Circuit Board'. You should also have your network interface info under the heading, 'Communications' on the left side, further down. Copy and paste that info to a post here and we may be better able to assist you.

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Belarc only works with Installed Drivers

by OH Smeg In reply to It really would be easier ...

If you need to install Drivers to get something working it's useless. When you hit a situation like that use Unknown Device Identifier to identify your Hardware.


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I thought of that after I posted.

by Ron K. In reply to Belarc only works with In ...

I wasn't 100% sure that it wouldn't work so I let it ride. Now I know.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg In reply to I thought of that after I ...
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You need to install your motherboard drivers disk....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can someone help Me with ...

Install your motherboards drivers disk for your internet connection to work. If you do not have the drivers for your motherboard then get on another computer and download the drivers for your motherboard.
Hope all goes well.

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It Have the following

by sanwardak In reply to You need to install your ...

Network adopter
Direct Parallel
Wan Miniport (IP)
Wan Miniport (IP)-pakete schduler Miniport
Wan Miniport (L2tp)
Wan Miniport (pppoE)
Wan Miniport (pptp)
All the above has network adopters icons. None of these allowing me to uninstall it says "Failed to uninstall this Device. This Device may need to boot the computer"
Also the Etherenet Controler and Multi media Audio Controler has yellow queation mark. they are located under + other Devices.
Iam using Pentum 4 Network adopter is on the motherboard, but I dont know the model of the network adopter because when I click on it properties it doesnt show the info. I have second pc I have XP istalled there and both are connected to the same Gateway, Sorry berfor in my queation I said Modeam, but it is Gateway, which I can connect fur Pcs. Reset that also but that pc work this one not.

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For the On Board LAN Driver

by OH Smeg In reply to It Have the following

You need to use the M'Board Driver that is available on the M'Board Makers Web Site. So if you have a ASUS M'Board you would visit the ASUS Web Site and download the Drivers for your M'Board, if you have a Gigabyte M'Board you would visit the Gigabyte Web Site and so on through the Different M'Board Makers.

The devices that are showing as installed that you can not uninstall are not the actual Ethernet Adapter they are part of the M'Board and not connected with this function directly at least.


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