Can someone PLEASE help me unlock my HP laptop??????????

By anthony_pack2006 ·
When my Laptop comes on, it ask for a password before it goes to windows... When entered it proceeds to Windows. I tried to change the password in BIOS by creating a new password, now it doesn't recognize either of them and I can't get into my computer. When password entered, it beeps with a code on screen...After the third or fourth try it says it's locked.
How do I correct this problem?
Thanks in advance!

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Call HP

by Langlier In reply to Can someone PLEASE help m ...

they should have a backdoor or way to unlock your laptop should you be able to prove the laptop is yours. BIOS passwords in laptops are tough as most laptops do not have a CMOS battery. There is likely a backdoor/bypass password that HP can provide to let you change or remove your BIOS password.

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by anthony_pack2006 In reply to Call HP

Thnaks, I will try that.

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by anthony_pack2006 In reply to Call HP

Thnaks, I will try that.

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I hope you have tried

by huoml In reply to Can someone PLEASE help m ...

caps-lock key.

May be the CAPSLock key was (un)locked ?


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Start on safe mode

by alex01227 In reply to Can someone PLEASE help m ...

reboot your computer on safe mode and login as administrator. If using windows xp pro type administrator in user name and no password

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FYI - the boot password occurs BEFORE login !!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Start on safe mode

Have you actually ever seen a laptop boot password ?

It is the only receptor of the first (up to) eight keyboard characters + <Enter>.

How in the **** is someone supposed to login as Administrator in Safe Mode to get past it, IF IT HAPPENS FIRST ??

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Does your doctor know?

by JamesRL In reply to FYI - the boot password o ...

How you react?

If you get this upset with an idiot, what will happen when you realize how many of them are out there.

Don't have a heart attack. Relax.


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It was more of an interlude to an otherwise boring logon... :)

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Does your doctor know?

You forget dear boy, I am Scottish and lambasting numpties is second nature to me.

I was getting bored this afternoon, there was little or no worthwhile postings that I could channel my limited knowledge into, so I chose to berade this to$$er in the manner to which he/she/it should be addressed.

However, thankyou for the concern! :)

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Geez but I like the way that rolls off the tongue...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to It was more of an interlu ...

"lambasting numpties"

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I have the same problem! HP's fault!

by hsjs4 In reply to Can someone PLEASE help m ...

I have read a few discussions on this site, and I know that people do not condone possibly-illegal behaviour. This post does not concern a stolen laptop. I can't prove it to this forum, but you will see that my story is reasonable...

Like the other user, I had a bootup password on my HP laptop. I wanted to clear the password, so I entered the CMOS/BIOS setup with F10. I didn't see a command to clear the password, so I decided to change the password to a blank password. I figured it then wouldn't ask me for a password.

When I started to change the password, it presented me with 3 textboxes, just like a typical Windows or Web form. In the first box, I entered the old password. Then I hit TAB to get to the next box, or maybe down arrow. But definitely not a mouse click, as this was a text-mode form. To set an empty password, I just hit ENTER. Then I repeated this for the second textbox.

When I saved/exited and rebooted, it still asked me for the bootup password!! But nothing worked! Neither my old password, nor blank (hitting ENTER). What happened?!

I came up with a theory that maybe some previous password was sitting in those 2 textboxes for the new password. When I hit ENTER for them, maybe it set that mystery password to be my new password. I can't remember, but those textboxes might have had "fill characters" instead of being blank. By fill chars, I mean like Windows shows stars in a password textbox. Here, those chars would be "squares", as it's text mode. (Excuse me for over-explaining, but I want to be clear.)

So 2 questions:

1) What on earth happened? What is my password now? Is it SPACE? Is it "\n" (ENTER), which I am unable to provide? Something else weird?

2) Isn't this faulty interface HP's fault? I understand from reading this forum that I would have to pay HP $300 to reset this password. The laptop is 4 years old and no longer under warranty. This is ridiculous. I didn't forget my password.

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