Can someone tell me how to take out my old CPU?

By LiLac22281 ·
I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with a Pentium 4 2.2GHz processor. I have found a 3.06 GHz /533 MHz Pentium 4. Is it going to be easy for me to do this myself? Thank you for any info.

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I got the BIOS update

by LiLac22281 In reply to Floppy not Required
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Just a note of caution here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can someone tell me how t ...

The 2.2 P4's had a FSB of 400 MHZ and if your replacement CPU has a FSB of 533 you'll need to confirm that first the M'Board will work at this frequency.

If it doesn't support this CPU then no matter what you do the system will not work.


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Mobo is OK

by willcomp In reply to Just a note of caution he ...

Mobo supports 3.06GHz P4s with 533MHz FSB. I verified prior to posting comment above.

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Someone else told me this...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Just a note of caution he ...

but I confirmed it on the Dell website. That's where that person got their info about the compatible mobo. Thanks

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Well then it's just a Matter of downloading the Manual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Someone else told me this ...

Opening the case changing any Jumpers on the M'Board that may need changing and removing the CPU Heatsink. On one side of the CPU is a Lever that you push down prize away from the socket slightly and allow to lift up. With the lever up lift the CPU out of the socket.

Grab the replacement CPU and align it to the socket so that it drops in there is only one way that this goes into the socket here and then press the Lever back into the Lock Position wipe the TopMetal Pert of the CPU with a Alcohol Wipe to clean it and the Part of the Heat Sink that Contacts the CPU apply a thin layer of Thermal Compound Silicon Grease though be extremely careful here not to actually touch the Thermal Compound with your skin as it will contaminate it. Use a Cleaned Screwdriver to spread the paste over the CPU and then refit the Heatsink.

The P4 CPU's had 3 Generic Heat Sink Fitting Types and then places like Dell had their own methods of fitting these so you need to proceed carefully and never force anything.

Be Gentle but firm and if required use a small Flat Balded Screwdriver to help remove the Locking Legs of the Heat Sink. After you have the replacement CPU fitted and the heat sink on start the computer and enter the BIOS and check that the CPU is correctly Identified. Save the changes as you exit the BIOS and your all set.


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Thank you everyone for all your help!

by LiLac22281 In reply to Can someone tell me how t ...

All of you have given me free info to help me that The Geek Squad probably would have charged me $300 for. I really do appreciate all of your help!

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Give them Thumbs Up for helpful answers

by CG IT In reply to Thank you everyone for al ...
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i didnt see that...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Give them Thumbs Up for h ...

i didnt look at each individual answer, so i didn't see thumbs up. thanks--i gave you one too

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Thanks,,, not necessary didn't suggest anything, but thanks

by CG IT In reply to i didnt see that...

thumbs are a way to say thanks to those here who provide suggestions that help you solve a problem or at the least steer you to a resource.

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