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Can Tech Save The BCS?

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Here we are, just days away from one of the year's big events, and I'm not talking turkey.

No, I'm talking football rivalries: Michigan v. Ohio State, Texas v. Texas A&M, Georgia v. Georgia Tech, USC v. UCLA, Virginia v. Virginia Tech., etc.

The next couple weeks are key for USC, Texas, Miami, Penn State and LSU students, alumnus and fans. NCAA bowl invitations are about to hit the mail, but as usual, trouble's in the air.

Current BCS formulas have USC and Texas first and second, followed by Miami, Penn State, LSU and Virginia Tech (in that order). The AP, however, has LSU ranked in front of Penn State and Notre Dame sixth, even though unranked Michigan State, and USC for that matter, defeated the Fighting Irish.

Is there some way the often maligned computer rankings that help compose the BCS formula can be improved to help eliminate BCS bowl issues, or is a playoff the only hope?

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by MirrorMirror In reply to Black-and-white point sys ...

If the prettiest cheerleaders are part of the way to determine who gets selected for playoff, the I demand equal time! How would you determine what is a "pretty" cheerleader? Would you go for natural beauty or enhanced beauty? I personlly would count off for any cheerleaders who have had any plastic surgery. That's kind of like comparing athletes that take steroids to ones who do not. And, what about the whole blonde vs brunette controversy? And finally, how would tech fit into the whole cheerleader rating? LOL!

If the women are going to be rated, then I want to give a rating on the best looking football players. We could rate them not only for their face, but for their physical attributes as well. I mean, since you would get to check out cheerleaders in pretty skimpy out fits, it is only fair that I get to check out the football players in revealing attire.

I think I'm onto something with this....hmmmmm. Where is ITgirli when you need her?

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Yep, cheerleaders

by M_a_r_k In reply to Cheerleaders

You don't get equal time. That wouldn't be fair. 80% of football fans are male, so you can have 20% time, not 50%.

How would I determine what a "pretty" cheerleader is? Guys have been honing their skills with that sort of thing for a long time. Trust me. We just know.

Natural or enhanced? Natural would be best but sometimes it's hard to tell if any body parts are plasticized or silicon-filled. So, in the interest of protection of privacy, we'll take either natural or enhanced. And since we all know that athletes never use steroids, comparing artificially enhanced females to artificially muscled-up athletes is a moot point.

Blonde vs brunette? Almost any hair color is fine. Blonde, brunette, blue, green. Anything but red. My ex-wife is a redhead.

How does tech fit into the cheerleader rating? It doesn't. Everyone knows that cheerleaders are dingbats. Mixing tech anything with a cheerleader is dangerous.

You can rate your football players, but it will have to be for your own enjoyment only. Everyone knows that the best football players are big, ugly, sweaty overgrown, stinky lugs. So maybe we could use your rating system after all. Lowest hunk rating means a higher BCS ranking.

Football players in revealing attire? We are talking American football and not that European kickball game, right?

****, it's a good thing ITgirli is NOT here to participate in this discussion. She'd blast me for being an insensitve chauvinist. ?

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Sagarin ratings index

by MirrorMirror In reply to How about making a point ...

How about using something like the Sagarin performance index to rate teams? He already has them rated by a mathematical formula...

The only way I know about this guy is because my husband knows that he rates golf teams an thought that he also rates football teams.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Sagarin ratings index

Yep, I know about ol' Mr. Sagarin. He's been rating college football teams for years. I'm not sure if his formula is mathematical or magical. Sometimes his rankings differ quite dramatically from the more popular polls (AP and USA Today). Like he may have a team ranked #3 but that team is ranked #7 or 8 in the AP poll.

You keep using your husband as the reason for why you are telling us so much about football. I think you know more about football than you're letting on. It's cool if you do. Nothing wrong about chicks digging football.

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D2 and D3 schools

by brj1980 In reply to Can Tech Save The BCS?

Gotta do what Division II and III schools do to determine a champion. Actually I believe every other organized sport from Professional football to 8th grade girls soccer does it the obvious way. Have a friggin playoff.

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BCS = British Computer Society!!!

by JohnOfStony In reply to Can Tech Save The BCS?

Yes, that's what BCS means to us Brits. I wonder how many TechRepublic subscribers have, like me, a total disinterest in sport (in my case with the exception of 2 so-called sports, motor racing and snooker)

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Only playoffs can save BCS!!!!!!!!!!!!

by master3bs In reply to Can Tech Save The BCS?

Count every team in the BCS. Take the top 6 teams. They make a field of 6; with the top two teams getting a first round bye. That puts importance on the regular season.

To win the championship you have to win 2 to 3 games. College football has already allowed an extra game to be played this year, so that shows its not a big hurdle.

There will still be controversy about the 7th team; but not as much. More teams get a chance; a true national champion is crowned.

More money is made. The big bowls can host the playoffs; and your other bowls can still be played for the teams that don't make it. It's a perfect system.

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Always will be imperfect

by osurickbee In reply to Can Tech Save The BCS?

College football will never have a "clean" champ the way NFL does for several reasons:

- As has been mentioned already, "Division IA" is a misnomer. In reality, there are 35-50 Top programs (most in BCS conferences but not all)that will always be the "big dogs". Many of the BCS schools are pretenders, not contenders. The other 90+ schools play by a different set of rules with a different philosophy.... less about the money and more about the college experience.

- Unlike the NFL, the elite college teams play a varying schedule from one another, with the goal of being undefeated. Historicly, there are 6-10 schools that have feasted on weaklings in their own conference, and rarely schedule non-conference games against other BCS schools, much less road games against same. IMHO, if a team doesn't have a road victory over one of the other big schools, they're not champs. Again money dictates that these schools play mostly home games, and mostly assured victories.

- The polls are the only true measuring stick, and they are flawed. Pre-season polls often skew the whole season, and should be done away with. There shouldn't be a poll released until the 3rd or 4th week. Polls should reflect the body of work of a given team over a season, much the way the NCAA hoops selection committee picks their seeds.

- Leagues with divisions and championship games have already watered down the traditional rivalries and added an extra layer of confusion for the sake of money. Everyone should play everyone. If you lose a non-conference patsy game because of it, too bad. Trouble is there is too much money to be made with these early season non-conference joke games.

- The bowl system (pre BCS) worked well. Traditional conference ties with at large teams sprinkled in. They make big bucks for the schools and the host cities. No one will be giving these up any time soon. Winning your conference and going to a traditional bowl are huge goals and rewards. Many years the two best teams played anyway.

The "mythical" college national championship is still the best way to go. The mythical championship is truly best suited to read "team of the year" rather than winning one particular game. Even in College BB the "National Champion" is truly the NCAA Tournament champion, and is NOT always the "team of the year". If you truly want a solution, first make the BCS an official NCAA division and let the reamaning schools revamp the way they handle the postseason. Require each of the BCS schools to play a home and home non conference series, set up the computer rankings to penalize home victories against weak opponents and reward road games against fellow BCS schools. Go back to the old bowl system, and if you must, add a final championship game.

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