Can wireless (in my home) be broken in to.

By dickerson_gini ·
My brother has cables running everywere in the house cause he is scared to use wireless. He thinks someone will break into his computer and take his files or what ever he has on his computer if he has wireless internet. My question is this
1.Can someone break in to your wireless network
2. can they take your files
3. can they control your computer
4 how long would it take then to hack the secure code.

I set up wireless for my self in the house cause I have a laptop. not a desktop.

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by OH Smeg In reply to What ever happened to

It seems like a line is being crossed here (or at least fast approaching

I don't see how. There is no data on how to perform the hack just a question of is it possible. The answer most defiantly is Yes it is possible.


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Wires may not be that bad.

by ericson007 In reply to Can wireless (in my home) ...

If you have some hardware lying around. A good way of protecting the wifi a little more is to run it behind a firewall. Also before having access to the net to have a captive portal to authenticate through, if possible also WPA 2 - Enterprise. Not really likely to keep out someone really determined, however, it will beat almost certainly 99.9% of the script kiddies.

Your brother is a very smart man though. With the ever increasing speeds of ISP services, I do not understand why you want wireless. At home here I have a 1gbps up/down fiber connection. Connecting to that with a wireless device loosing 480 mpbs on my last test, I would rather just stick with wire as well. Ever tried CIFS shares from a cheap non enterprise NAS over wireless. It's a dog, not that it is the fastest protocol ever, but wire does help data move along.

Especially in the U.S. where walls are generally dry wall. Cutting away, pulling wire and fitting a wall cat 6 plug is not that difficult and really increases the neat factor.

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10 seconds - A little ambitious even with rainbow tables!

by -gargravarr- In reply to Can wireless (in my home) ...

As with any password mechanism, choose strong passwords, If you're going to use WiFi in the home use WPA2-PSK there isn't another choice at the moment. choose long complicated passwords >30 characters long. Yep, its a pain to put in but how paranoid are you going to be in a home environment.
Setup WPA2 - enterprise with a short key rotation.
Setup an IPSEC tunnel over the wireless network.

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by Worth2Cents In reply to 10 seconds - A little amb ...

Perhaps he was thinking about WEP.

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