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Can you buy a judge?

By jdclyde ·
In Michigan it has that appearance.

Wayne Circuit Court Judge Susan D. Borman is the judge that is ruling over the case concerning the striking teachers in Detroit.

There is clear law stating that it is illegal for the public school teachers to go on strike, yet Judge Borman has again delayed ordering the teachers to return to work.

Guess where a lot of the funding came from that got this judge elected to her post? You got it, unions, and specifically, DFT, the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Conflict of interests here anybody?

This judge is there to uphold the laws or strike them down, not ignore them as she chooses because it helps her politically.

Bought justice? You decide.

Oh, if you want to try to distract from the facts of the case by crying about how unfair it is that the poor teachers can't strike, then THAT law should be challenged and struck down if it is a violation of the teachers rights. No where is there room for ignoring laws when it is convenent. I hope she is brought up for review for her clear conflict and resulting handling of the case.

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just started to read up on her today

by jdclyde In reply to I cant afford to buy one

so I can't tell you more than what I have read in several articals from several sources.

They do all point at her knowing not to bite the hand that feeds her.

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Of course a judge can be bought

by maecuff In reply to Can you buy a judge?

nearly ANYONE can be bought. I'm not saying that every person will break the law for money, go against their personal moral code, etc. But still, there is a dollar amount that (and I'm sure that amount is wildly different, depending on the person) will turn a person's head.

Personally? I wouldn't harm another human (physically or emotionally), destroy any property that couldn't be easily replaced, do anything that could cause my death or cause long term health issues, or commit a crime that could result in prison time for myself or another person..other than that, I have a price.

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by jdclyde In reply to Of course a judge can be ...

and just what is that price? ]:) (breaks out piggy bank!)

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It's gonna

by maecuff In reply to hmmm

have to be one big a$$ piggy bank. I'll admit to having a price, but I am far from cheap.

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as I would expect

by jdclyde In reply to It's gonna

and yes, it IS a biga$$ piggy bank! ]:)

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Personally I'd do any

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Of course a judge can be ...

of those things if my principles required it.

I have no problem with harming someone who had harmed or intended harm to me and mine. I wouldn't say I'd be happy to face imprisonment as a consequence, but if it was choice between my kid getting hurt, or me doing jail.

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Of course

by maecuff In reply to Personally I'd do any

I would too. I just wouldn't do it for money.

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and Mae, that is

by jdclyde In reply to Of course

the perfect answer.

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Well if it was choice

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Of course

between my kid starving and ...

There are some tasks where the money would be a bonus, others where no amount of money would be enough. Leaves a large tempting grey area in the middle though, that range.

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any and all

by jdclyde In reply to Personally I'd do any

whatever it takes to keep the kids safe. whatever it takes.

push come to shove, how can anyone chose otherwise? thankfully if you are just protecting your family, there isn't imprisonment here.

it is when you are the aggressor that they put you away.

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