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Can you buy a judge?

By jdclyde ·
In Michigan it has that appearance.

Wayne Circuit Court Judge Susan D. Borman is the judge that is ruling over the case concerning the striking teachers in Detroit.

There is clear law stating that it is illegal for the public school teachers to go on strike, yet Judge Borman has again delayed ordering the teachers to return to work.

Guess where a lot of the funding came from that got this judge elected to her post? You got it, unions, and specifically, DFT, the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Conflict of interests here anybody?

This judge is there to uphold the laws or strike them down, not ignore them as she chooses because it helps her politically.

Bought justice? You decide.

Oh, if you want to try to distract from the facts of the case by crying about how unfair it is that the poor teachers can't strike, then THAT law should be challenged and struck down if it is a violation of the teachers rights. No where is there room for ignoring laws when it is convenent. I hope she is brought up for review for her clear conflict and resulting handling of the case.

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My husband and I

by maecuff In reply to That's what you think....

have actually argued over what we would do with our lottery winnings (We don't even BUY tickets). I'd give a lot of it away and he would not. We finally had to agree that we would split our imaginary winnings down the middle and each could do with whatever they wanted with their half. Of course, once MY pretend money is gone, he'll have to share his. :)

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My wife....

by onbliss In reply to My husband and I

...does not even want to win the lottery. She thinks too much money is a problem onto itself. Whereas I would'nt mind winning $100 million (before tax). I would be giving lot of my pretend wealth too :-)

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Before you two spend all that pretend money...

by Tig2 In reply to My wife....

Remember that I am walking the 2007 3 Day and have to raise a minimum of $2200! I will be happy to advise you in how to best direct your (pretend) wealth!

Kidding- but the opening was there, why not use it?

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That is just sad

by jdclyde In reply to My husband and I

I thought I was the only loser to dream about how I would spend my winnings for a lottery I don't even play..... ;\

I do know that my good fortune would be my close friends good fortune, as well as college funds for nieces and nephews.

I would have to send GG a NEW laptop so she could stop having to nurse hers back to health all the time though!

You would not believe the house I would build right on the river. individual walk in closets the size of my current bedroom.

Oh and the game room would be an english pub! Stocked! B-)

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by maecuff In reply to That is just sad

The fact that you would even MENTION multiple walk-in closets...

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In this case Mae

by jdclyde In reply to That is just sad

in my position you would agree. I live in an OLD house. How old? Don't know because the City doesn't have that on their records. :0 From the style and neighborhood, it is guessed at being built about 1900.

Looks big on the out side, but get inside and it is horrible. Not even a broom closet in the house. Not a cubboard in the bathroom, no pantry in the kitchen, and the two bedrooms (small) each have one small closet each.

lots of wasted space because of a bad floor plan, but compared to what I had moved out of, it SEEMED good at the time.

Can't ever keep the house clean because there isn't anywhere to put stuff away at.

Everyone deservers a nice roomy closet to go into, don't they? ;\

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I'm going to give you

by maecuff In reply to That is just sad

a break.

yes. I have to agree. I live in an old house, too. When my older son moved back to Cincinnati with my parents, I moved my younger son to his old bedroom and turned his room into my own personal closet. And do you know what? It's still not big enough.

I can't WAIT to move from this stupid little town and from my wishy washy job and get into a house where every one has their own walk-in closets. :)

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My wife and I

by OnTheRopes In reply to My husband and I

I buy 1 ticket every time I go into the party store. It seems like an appropriate place to get it. My chances of winning are infinitely better than JD?s, seeing as how he doesn?t BUY a ticket.

I used to pick my own numbers but now I just get an Easy Pick. I don?t check the numbers right away when they draw them either. I?ll usually wait for a really BAD day and then either check them all online or have them scan ?em at the store.

When I did pick numbers I used algorithms based upon the theory of probability that used to be available on the web for free. Maybe they still are somewhere. To give you an example, there are 21 algorithms?s at and some free ?tools.?

I?d split buying tickets with 3 Engineers I used to work, with in one of our Kentucky Division?s. That's why the algorithm's. It's scientific donchaknow. Using Excel I?d put together a list of every winning number combination for the Michigan Lotto since the game began and we?d play 10 sets of numbers, five for one drawing and five for the second drawing every week. Any winnings we?d get would go into buying more tickets so it didn?t cost as much to play. We?d hit ?something? often enough that between the four of us it probably cost only 10 to 15 a month. It rarely cost me a dime because they?d just fork over the small amount of cash for me doing all of the work. :) It was kind of hard to keep track of it but what the heck. They all got a copy of the tickets before the drawings after I?d scan them in and send a picture via email.

That?s so long ago it seems like it was in another lifetime. Possibly hitting ?the big one? made for good conversation over a few beers after work when I?d be down there.

If I were to win today with my little $1 ticket twice weekly my wife and I have talked about what we?d do if we hit something big, $50 million or more.

First, pay everything off. That?d take about $100 bucks. (?) Then we?d split the cost of building a humongous log home, right here. Each of my kids, including my son-in-law, would get a million and my wife could have everything that was left except for a million dollars that I could spend any which way I wanted to with no questions asked. I?d probably donate $5.00 ;-) in Tigger?s name to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and **** the rest on some really good beer and maybe a boat... and a motorcycle... and a big dog and... :)

Seriously, thinking about what you WOULD do eases tension and stress somehow. In my opinion, there?s nothing wrong with building ?castles in the sky? as long as I don?t try to live there.

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by jdclyde In reply to My wife and I :D

I think I would buy a Durango too.

And a Crossfire.

How many lottery winners die from drinking too much? A lot I would bet.

Would money ruin me? Lord, I hope so! I could use some spoiling right now!

They have a pool at work, but there were doing $5 a week, which is $20 a month. Just can't throw that much away every month right now.

They do say the quickest way to become a millionair with the lottery is to take that money and throw it in a bank account instead, and you are more likely to get anywhere than if you actually "play". I LOVE how the lottery isn't gambling. Oh, and how this originally got it's start to raise money for the schools. only about 30% actually goes to the schools and all they did was a nutshell scam and replaced existing funding with this rather than increase the amount of funding, so the schools get all the lottery money and are still broke. how nice.

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Very well put

by onbliss In reply to My wife and I :D

In my opinion, there?s nothing wrong with building ?castles in the sky? as long as I don?t try to live there.

It gives a few moments of bliss.

I think it terms of circles/spheres. First my family, then extended family, then community, school/college, charity etc. Will take a world tour of some sort. Indulge in other learning and passionate activities. Wow........dreams.

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