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Can you buy a judge?

By jdclyde ·
In Michigan it has that appearance.

Wayne Circuit Court Judge Susan D. Borman is the judge that is ruling over the case concerning the striking teachers in Detroit.

There is clear law stating that it is illegal for the public school teachers to go on strike, yet Judge Borman has again delayed ordering the teachers to return to work.

Guess where a lot of the funding came from that got this judge elected to her post? You got it, unions, and specifically, DFT, the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Conflict of interests here anybody?

This judge is there to uphold the laws or strike them down, not ignore them as she chooses because it helps her politically.

Bought justice? You decide.

Oh, if you want to try to distract from the facts of the case by crying about how unfair it is that the poor teachers can't strike, then THAT law should be challenged and struck down if it is a violation of the teachers rights. No where is there room for ignoring laws when it is convenent. I hope she is brought up for review for her clear conflict and resulting handling of the case.

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some priorities

by jdclyde In reply to Price = Principle ?

out weigh other priorites.

"compared to what" is always a good way to look at things.

Or if you prefer, lesser of two evils?

Or what has become so very common in the politics of the day, "at any cost" or the "ends justify the means". People talk themselves into doing lots of bad things if they can rationalize it away.


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So, who made contributions....

by TechExec2 In reply to Can you buy a judge?

So, who made contributions to the political campaigns of the legislators who voted for the no-strike law?

Just a little "devil's advocate" for you(1). It's all politics and they are ALL "bought" by something. All of them.

Having said that, I have respect for the law. If there is a no-strike law, the teachers should be fired, just like the striking air traffic controllers were fired in Reagan's day.

(1) I _hate_ it when people do that to me! :-).

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the public interest is more important

by jdclyde In reply to So, who made contribution ...

than the individuals, is the excuse behind the law as I understand it.

And no, I am not an expert on this or many other aspect of labor law.

I do know that it is the kids that get hurt over this, and this judge not enforcing the law is a disgrace. Challenge the law or follow it. Ignoring it is not an option.

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So what do you do if...

by Tig2 In reply to the public interest is mo ...

Those teachers simply quit? They have that option. Any or every one of them may decide that teaching in Detroit is no longer acceptable.

Then what?

I think that what the judge is trying to do is provide some breathing room- certainly they could fire each and every teacher that strikes. But isn't it better to find better solutions?

The problem would be better resolved by finding a way to get the teachers back in the classrooms. But some of those teachers are going to decide that the cut is not something that they can absorb and will therefore seek alternative employment. Detroit's issues are bigger than whether the teachers walked out. They speak more to whether or not they HAVE teachers going forward.

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there has been so much corruption for so long

by jdclyde In reply to So what do you do if...

that I think it is criminal that the state hasn't taken over that school district. People on the board of ed with limo drivers that take them everywhere. A few years back, one even made the driver stay in the car, with it running, while she went into the mall to shop. She didn't want to come out to a cold car.

Sweetheart deals and kickbacks.

Embesslement in the multi millions.

A huge slap in the face to another school district was the administration asked for a pay reduction and freeze to balance the budget and the teachers stepped up and did it. The administration turned around and gave themselves a raise right after. Wow, for some reason, that didn't go over well.

Government takeover and a clean slate approach is the only hope that the Detroit school system has.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to there has been so much co ...

all public agencies should be set up like the military :)

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The ignored thing is..

by RknRlKid In reply to Can you buy a judge?

why have parents pulled their kids out and moved in droves?

In many cases, poor school systems are caused by something other than lack of money/resourses. Here in Oklahoma, the school district with the highest teacher pay and highest student-to-dollar spent ratio has the highest juvenile problems, teen pregnancy, etc etc. Simply money isn't the answer.

I am puzzled over one thing mentioned though. Why do parents tolerate their kids being herded up into gym to be babysat rather than being taught? I doubt the kids are learning anything that way.

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The parents are trying to suport the teachers

by jdclyde In reply to The ignored thing is..

and are giving them a few days benifit of the doubt. (according to the reports)

Many of them have clearly said that if it goes on for more than a few days, they WILL be moving their children, and many already have.

Excess of money is NOT the issue here. these are some of the poorest schools in the state, and some of the lowest paid teachers as well.

How do you attract good teachers to that kind of work environment? How long till you get teacher burnout?

Don't have all the answers, and I am just learning some of the questions.

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