Can you install Office XP onto a Vista operating system?

By gbembenek ·
My girlfriend just bought a laptop with a Vista operating system on it. Can I install Office XP onto it? The salespeople told her that this wasn't possible, or basically that it would be a disaster. I find this hard to believe. I've heard you can install Office 2000 on it with no problems so why not XP?

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I have not tried

by w2ktechman In reply to Can you install Office XP ...

but using the compatibility mode I would not think that it would be much of a problem. Off'03 worked fine (mostly).

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by gail In reply to Can you install Office XP ...

We have Office XP installed on a Vista machine and it works fine however it is possible that the laptop has an image of Office 2007 on it already (OEM Pre-installation Kit) in which case you have 60 days to buy the Media License Kit (product key only).

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Thanks everyone!

by gbembenek In reply to OPK and MLK

Sounds like sometimes it's successful but not always.

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Office XP on a Vista Laptop

by bob_moore In reply to OPK and MLK

I had Microsoft Office XP installed on my laptop before I upgraded to Vista Premium. Now I get a message saying 'Microsoft Word has not beem installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application'

Can anyone help me with installing it or do I have to buy a new copy?

Bob Moore

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by david.hartley In reply to Can you install Office XP ...

yes, it is possible

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by terryronald4 In reply to yes


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Old post bumpage

by Maevinn In reply to XP OFFICE PRO

This is an old post...why bump it?

Do you have a questions? Are you re-answering the original query?

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yes but

the office xp installs but the laptop we put it on would not boot after your friendly vistaupdate put in some "patches" (released last month??)!!

after a pregnant pause, it comes up with a black and white VGA screen and the suggestion to revert to the last known good configuration - after which it boots but continually runs up errors.

removing the patches seems to suppress the errors.

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by gbembenek In reply to yes but

Good info.

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by lustylipstick In reply to Can you install Office XP ...

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