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Canada - Well Done

By maxwell edison ·

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by jdclyde In reply to Bad Imams

And if they condone terrorist behavior, they are part of the problem.

If they don't want the rest of the world to associate Muslim with terrorist, it is completely up to them to show that they are not.

If you know about a murder plan and say nothing, you are an accessory to the crime.

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Bad religious leaders..

by Jaqui In reply to Bad Imams

Since not only are some Muslim Imams preaching inflamatory stuff, but some of the US based Televangelists are also preaching inflammatory hatred.

Here in Canada, these Christian Priests would be guilty of Human Rights Violations, and if criminally charged would be sentenced inder the "Hate Crimes Act", which doubles the minimum and maximum sentences they can get.

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they isolated themselves from the others

by Oz_Media In reply to These Terrorists

Welcome to Vancouver. I was talkign with someone yesterday abotu racism in Canada vs England or the USA. in England there APPEARS to be more racism because of the slanderous 'slang' ued by many, but in England that's all fair game, every county ridicules the other regardless of race or religion, it's just dry sarcasm mostly. I am not saygn ENgland doesn't have racism, but there is a fine line between actual racism and simple crap slinging.

In Canada, I find too that there is racism but not as much as I see elsewhere. We try not to condemn an entire society simply because of the actions of a few radicals. What's confusing though is when people segragate themselves from society, they only deal with 'thier own kind' and even if you stoo dat a store counter they would serve behind you before actually serving you.

This segregation, though self imposed, is also touted as racism.

So James you are 100% bang on when you sau that even though we live in a multiculturally 'ACCEPTING' society, some choose to isolate themselves from others, ultimately creating thier own minority.

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Even further

by JamesRL In reply to they isolated themselves ...

Some of the interviews with those who attended the same Mosque - it wasn't what was said from by the prayer leader for the most part(the one exception noted) it was after hours stuff where this one imam would meet in small groups with the kids and fill their head with garbage.

No wonder the parents can't believe it - they thought this kids were just more into religion than they were, and mostly what was preached most services was not at all radical and was anti-violence.

People have choices. I have several observant Muslim friends who chose to also participate in more "Canadian" activities. When the company have a Christmas party and have Santa for the kids, they come (Jesus was a prophet to them). When we have an event where alcohol is served, they drink pop, but still have a good time socializing.


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Some minds are just open...

by onbliss In reply to But in this case

...for self-brainwashing. Some of the patterns that can be seen is that they are disillusioned with the current system, they are moved by the plight of their "fellow people" and when see that in a deliberative democracy, where things do tend to move little sooner; in order to speed up things they resort to violence.

This is kind of universal. Inequality and Poverty are two potent factors that sway people's mind.

Coming to my starting point - self-brainwash - some of the bright and educated get convinced that they are infact working for the common good or the welfare of their fellow beings. The death and destruction that they cause are sometimes seen as a necessity in the short term.

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These kids....

by JamesRL In reply to Some minds are just open. ...

Some were disadvantaged, some were not. There was a high end BMW in the driveway of one of the families. Most were "middle class"

It seems to be a generational thing - the parents interviewed seem hard working and happy and not radical, the kids restless. The parents thought their kids were just being observant muslims and praying alot. But they weren't praying so much as getting their heads filled with hate.


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BTW Che wasn't Cuban but an Argentinian and he was a medical doctor. He....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Terrorists/revolutionarie ...

was also one sick SOB who got his jollies bashing in the heads of bound up people with a baseball bat Havana's sports stadium. He was also more blowhard than effective revolutionary as witnees his multiple failures in Africa and Bolivia. But he sure did photograph well. Hopefully his soul is rotting where ever it went. He was definitely a sicko. After his failed African venture, Castro put a lot of distance between himself and Guevera. Castro, I think recognized him for the sick freak that he was and really wanted no more part of him.


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More News and pictures

by JamesRL In reply to Canada - Well Done
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middle size

by jdclyde In reply to More News and pictures

A lot of the cities around Michigan are about 40,000 people, Detroit has 900,000 (as of 2004) and Flint has 124,943 (as of 2004).

Maybe it is "small" in contrast to Toronto? 4,558,800.

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by Jaqui In reply to middle size

Vancouver is small, and we have a million in the region.

Brampton is hicksville

edited to add:

and yes, I lived in TO for 2 years, and was dating a girl from Brampton, so I've been there.

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