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Canada - Well Done

By maxwell edison ·

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Brampton is booming

by JamesRL In reply to naw,

When I first visited Brampton in 1980, it was less than 100,000 people. Now its over 400,000 and since its one of the few suburbs with developable land left, its growing like a weed.

The Brampton/Mississauga border only exists as a line on a map now - there is no "space" between like there used to be. Brampton is part of the Peel Region with Missisauga, and the population of the region is over 1 million. The region provides many "municipal" services like Police, Ambulance, Fire fighting, water and sewage, roads, libraries etc.

Yeah we don't have the nightlife of the big city and its pretty tough to get around without a car. But the average price of a house is 2/3 of what it is in Toronto - that is the difference between me owning a house and renting an apartment.


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I know

by Jaqui In reply to Brampton is booming

even when I was there, it was growing rapidly, with only about a mile of empty land between Missisauga and Brampton.

I just love tweaking those east of the Rockies, since they get polluted by the stench coming from Ottawa so much.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I know

There are PEOPLE living EAST of the rockies???
I would ask how, but more importantly is WHY? LOL

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by Jaqui In reply to Waaaaat???

exactly my point.

I'm not sure I would call them people though, they have to be some degenerate, diseased life form.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Waaaaat???

Alberta is east of the rockies too, the big crack (continental divide) and all that. It's too bad though, because I really like Alberta and Albertan's. I also REALLY like the maritimes and the kind people there. But the country's control comes from that horrid middle bit, where an ocean is something on TV and a mountain...well let's just remember they named the city of Montreal because of a hill no biger than QE Park here.

They have no idea of our cultures and people, west coast Americans know more about our wants and needs than they do in central Canada.

Oh well, at least they pretty much just leave us to it.

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I know!!! I have the answer!!

by Jaqui In reply to Waaaaat???

we get the Maritimes, Territories and Alberta to join with us in Bc in separating from the braindead corruption of ontario and quebec.
[ then we can charge those twits for all sea traffic through the maritimes waterways. ]:)
and we get all the diamonds and oil in Canada as well as the gold.

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You forgot

by Oz_Media In reply to Waaaaat???

The trees, fish (mmmm) and yummy Alantic Rock Lobster!!!

Yeah, I say dat we all se-par-ate, as soon as dis beer is done anyhow.

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We are working on it

by Oz_Media In reply to Canada - Well Done

While so many consider Canada ultimately a passive nation protected by the US as we send out our own military peace keepers, it is actually not true, as proven in such stories.

When our PM was threatened with a beheading his comments were "I can live with these threats as long as they're not from my caucus," he joked.

I guess that even though we seem to take such issues with a grain of salt, what some would consider light heartedly, we do actually capture and try these people for thier proposed actions.

Another example is how Canada's mission in Afghanistan has grown from one of peace keeping to a very aggressive offense against the terrorists in Afghanistan (yes there are still terrorists in Afghanistan).

Now, I support the war in Aghanistan ( I awlays have) as it was justified retaliation against an attack on our neighbours and allies; even though so many Canadians are appalled that we are actually fighting a war and not just handing out teddy bears and chocolates to children.

Canada isn't realy the passive, impartial country that o many unfairly deem it to be. Canada was the first to enter both World Wars with the European Allies and have been used by the US as support for many military operations since, due to thier deployment of armoured, high-speed vehicles.

Thanks for your recognition Maxwell, I just wish more people (including Canadians) actually realized we offer a fighting military and advanced police and security forces. We do a lot more than we ever get credit for.....uh oh, now I AM sounding like an American!

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that's the problem

by Jaqui In reply to We are working on it

if china invaded from the north, all we could do is send a few mounties to hand out parking tickets, maybe a rowboat or two from the coast guard, all the troops and good equipment is out in the world working for the UN.

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Oh Canada

by maxwell edison In reply to We are working on it

I was stationed (at NORAD) with several Canadian service men, and I've always held them in the highest esteem. Canadians can kick-*** if they put their minds to it.

I'm extremely disappointed, of course, that you guys aren't with us in the "bigger picture" of this war, but I suppose it's a matter of perspective. Not to drudge up old arguments, but it's obvious that "your war" is one as a retaliation for 9-11 (thank you, again, very much), and "our war" is not only one as a retaliation for 9-11, but a "bigger one" as a retaliation for every act of terrorism over the past forty years, AND an attempt to kill it at its heart to help avoid future ones. I actually see this as World War III (or IV if the Cold War was the IIIrd), with most nations claiming neutrality. However, as this particular incident clearly shows, even the neutral countries are potential targets.

I think President Bush's biggest mistake was to not clearly articulate what this really is, and he should have literally blasted the United Nations for it's incompetence in addressing the threat of terrorism over the past few decades. I guess it's easy to arm-chair quarterback the issue, however, when playing geo-politics isn't a necessary consideration. But at least he's doing more than any other president has done.

If all the freedom loving nations of the world (including Canada), on 9-12-01, had "declared war on militant Islam, regardless of where it resides", and then proceeded to take any and all actions necessary to eradicate it, things would be quite different today. Quite frankly, if the truth could ever be known, I'd bet that President Bush was taken by surprise at the lack of world-wide support for anything other than Afghanistan. And once he started his saber-rattling to expand it, he either had to go it alone, so to speak, or appear to back down, yet again, just like all other leaders had done for the past three or four decades. Personally speaking, I'm glad he didn't back down.

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