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Canada - Well Done

By maxwell edison ·

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Walking softly

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh Canada

As you know the old saying goes, walk softly and carry a big stick.

As I have said for a few years here now, while most allies did not support the invasion of Iraq, they ARE working together to thwart terrosim globally and not just retaliate in Afghanistan. Germany and Russia had many cooperative meetings to remove terror threats and uncover secret cells and sects around the world.

As you very well know, these people are everywhere and anywhere. They are, for the most part, just like you and I in many ways. They exist in Canada and the USA, but we don't condemn all muslims...just in case. There are MANY countries that are now focused intently on this issue as a global threat and they have been for some time now. What I regret is that just because there wasn't unanymous support for the invasion of Iraq, people think everyone else is against them and not interested in addressing this new form of warfare.

While the USA attacks Iraq and kills the insurgents intent on growing thier terror networks, other countries ARE takign action too, just not in such an openly agressive and combative nature. But terrorism has many faces and there is no set way to stop it, by joint effort these things are a possibilty though.

Can I be so bold as to suggest that we MAY be finding a middle ground here where we both actually stand against terrorism and can agree that while both are effectively combatting it, we simply have different means and methods?

unfortunately, you know this still doesn't changhe my feelings of the tactics used to justify the invasion though, sorry, right conclusion with the wrong onset in my mind. It could have been done SO much better/more amicably I think.

In the end though, both our countries and many others need to end this though, so we can have our soldiers back, safe on our own soil.

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Now Maxwell I have explained the role of the UN before

by mjwx In reply to Oh Canada

The UN is not an extension of American foreign policy. It is an organisation meant to stop wars both by aiding in the negotiation of peace and in the prevention of war from starting using force in either case when necessary. The UN is an international organisation made to prevent wars (especially world wars) and atrocities (Standing up for human rights). It is not a police force nor does it exist to tell the world how to live (You Americans would have a serious problem if you were told to live like the French (us Aussies would have the same problem so no one can blame you)). It?s all spelled out very clearly in the preamble of the UN charter
I have seen the US (others as well like Russia and china but the US mainly) prevent them from acting as the UN were intended to do at it's inception by the use of veto's. Once again The UN does not exist to do the USA's bidding.

Now, if the western world had of unanimously declared war on "militant Islam" the world would be a very different place indeed because we would be embroiled in a great big bloody world war. I'd be in bloody kasblacicstan with a bloody rifle , you would be working in the war industry making arty shells in some factory, Canada would have conscription and weak nations like France would be talking about capitulation because we would not only be at war with "militant Islam" but with all of Islam the moderates included. The only one that would be enjoying this is GWB because he would have his desired WWIII.

I have posted how I think the war should have been fought before. Now I will get on to Iraq, off the bat I will say that Sadd (Saddam Hussein) was a bad man, an evil man, a corrupt dictator and many other things but he was not a bloody hard-line Islamic terrorist. Sadd should never have been removed. You (USA) should never have even began to think about rattling sabres. But then again where is GWB's head (If somebody can locate it let me know). His (Sadd) removal caused more problems than it had solved and created another Vietnam like situation. As any Techie should know you don?t do something that you know will create more problems later. You know max, 6000 people have died in Iraq this year.,10117,19392593-1702,00.html?from=rss
For the most part they were Iraqi civilians but a life is a life is a life and the average Iraqi has done nothing to you or I so why should they be the ones to suffer.

Now that you?ve figured out that Iran would have been a better target to go after you find yourself in the situation of not being able to afford another war on your own and no-one wants to help because you seriously buggered up Iraq. In fact if GWB had not of invaded Iraq you would have an entire Iraqi army ready for the Iranian campaign as you should know Sadd was no friend of the Islamic Republic. That?s kind of how we know Sadd was such a bad man (with the gassings and the bombings and the torture).

The US screwed up and now you (max, not the US) want to blame the rest of the world.

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You at least see the problem though

by Oz_Media In reply to Now Maxwell I have explai ...

While the UN is no saint, just as guilty of abusing the OFF program as the US and many other countries, they are NOT simply acting on America's behalf.

THIS is an issue, anyone who doesn't bend over foe the US and support their every idea, no matter how logically or ethically absurd, is an enemy of the USA.

Once you understand their self servient mindset, how they help th erest of the world and teh rest of the world just spits in their faces, then you will easily accept the reasons they don't like the UN. America has never done any wrong, EVER. Every other country on Earth has problems that America should be fixing, and if they don't like it, they are the enemy.

Why shouldn't we all be a collective, Borg? WHy should ANYONE have freedom of individual opinion or independence? Americans all assimilate, why not other countries? It just doesn't compute.

Americans are a collective, a collective with somewhat split opinion but a collective all the same. Not much different than a giant commune. Half drinks the cherry cool aid, the other drinks the orange.

Either way, they are both right, should set global standards as thier short history proves thier incapacity to do so, and al must follow or be considered an AntiAmerican enemy. It seems they simply can't accept that not everyone thinks the same way or feels the way they do.

Difference, individuality and personal opinion that goes against the grain is simply unacceptable.

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Conform or be outcast

by mjwx In reply to You at least see the prob ...

It's ingrained in them in schools. Everyone has to be the football quarterback or the prom queen and there is no room for any other type of person. Individuality maters not to them. The problem is they support this kind of society whole-heartedly and then wonder why kids go postal when society doesn?t accept those (Columbine). I could rant on but I won?t.

In their defence, a lot of Americans are trying to break the stereotype, a problem I have called A.S.S (American Stereotype Syndrome). All of the yanks I have met in the flesh turned out to be great people, not like the society we foreigners (to Americans) know and hate (or at least strongly dislike). I suppose you being a Canadian, would be exposed to the most xenophobic and arrogant Americans, all the ones I meet wanted to come here (AU).

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