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Canadian Beer takes a steep dive!

By Oz_Media ·
Well now I've seen it all.
Molson Breweries has released Molson Kick
Labatts has released Labatts Shok

Both are small volume, high alcohol beers with that added KICK or SHOK brought on by the use of the guarana shrub, which is CAFFEINE!

Caffeine and beer, Molson has even started making an aluminum BOTTLE (eeeeew) for the trendy appearance of Kick.

MADD is going berserk over the idea. I instantly saw this as a beer targeted at the young IT crowd (caffeine is the closer there) but neither of these beers is SUPPOSED to actually have much of a caffeine effect yet is said to taste sweet for a beer.

So not only have the two shoddiest beer brewers actually bastardized yet another beer, they have destroyed al hope for making a real beer by incorporating an ALUMINUM BOTTLE (soon to be released, currently in glass)!

Personally as a beer drinker myself, cans make beer taste ghastly, sorry for the Coors Light junkies who think cans are the way to go, but that's not really beer.

MADD's lawyer has gone ballistic over the idea of promoting a beer that keeps kids awake and alert to THINK they can drive, which few can on the best of days.

Pretty soon these companies are going to align themselves with the beer companies in the US and start producing pee water in cans that seem to be bottles. When will it all end? When will people finally stand up and say enough's enough.

If you?re too young to enjoy a real brew or haven't developed the taste buds needed to enjoy a decent stout or lager, then go buy a Mountain Dew or a Red Bull and consider yourself a geek. nothing wrong with that, but for the beer makers to target THAT market is just wrong in itself.

Leave the damn beer the way it is supposed to be!

Today I am actually embarrassed to be living in Canada, screw the Liberal issues, they have dropped so much now that if it goes to vote again, they don't have a hope in **** (much as what SHOULD have happened with Bush's second term) but the beer issue is just too much for this guy to handle!

Sick demented losers!

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And AGAIN?!?!?!

by Jessie In reply to Sick demented losers?

... with the sense of humor thing!!! Keep 'em comin' Max, I'm really enjoying this side of you! Not that I don't enjoy your intelligent discourse, but it's always nice to see that you do indeed have a lighter side. :)

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Jessie - My "lighter" side

by maxwell edison In reply to And AGAIN?!?!?!

It probably rears its good-natured head more than you might realize. Other than a couple of people who've really p****d me off, I'm usually pretty cordial. (Often direct and pointed, but cordial.) And it's not my style to use smiley faces and such to point out intended humor; in fact, it might even detract from my intended "wry" style. If something I write might come across as mean-spirited and/or out of place, read it again looking for the sarcasm or such, and you might see it more often. You know, look for the worst in someone, and you'll find it; look for the best, and you'll find that too.

But hey, if my style doesn't fit most people's preferences, that's not reason enough for me to change it. And just because someone can't understand, it doesn't mean it's not there.

I told Colin once that I was one of the funniest guys around here -- and he's probably still laughing at that comment.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Sick demented losers?

Yeah Max, you have a sense of ha ha.

Please excuse my use of a smiley face.

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At least you can tell

by Roger99a In reply to Canadian Beer takes a ste ...

At least you can tell what a real beer is supposed to taste like. Here in the US they've been feeding us Budweiser, a weak tasting beer designed to be easy for teenagers to drink, and lite beer, designed for women. When did rice become an ingredient in beer anyway?

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Rice as an ingredient

by JamesRL In reply to At least you can tell

Think cost....before North America took to rice, it was very cheap. Its still cheaper than other grains used in beer.


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Coors light for women?

by Oz_Media In reply to At least you can tell

Funny, it seems that many 'big guys' drink it too, perhaps because they can be cool by saying they drank 24 beers and handled it no problem. So could most small children though.

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better qualify that, Oz

by jck In reply to Coors light for women?

as *non-American* small children.

BTW...I used to brag about drinking better than a case of Budweiser back in college...hahahahaha

Oh dear...the naivety of youth...

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I was born in a pub

by Oz_Media In reply to better qualify that, Oz

Not figuratively speaking, I really was born on the kitchen table in my dad's pub. (yes I'm sure they bought a new table!)

When I was reallt little, I had the nickname half pint because for helping out my mum around the pub/hotel my dad would give me a half pint of Guinness every day and I was allowed to sit on a stool and chat with some of the regulars.

NOTE: Many regulars in England are not just **** tanks who show up every night, they will be people staying in the hotel for several years on end, either writers or retirees, or just plain rich people on extended vacations.

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Lite Beer

by Roger99a In reply to Coors light for women?

I read an article many years ago about Miller Lite. It was first intended and marketed to women, but it didn't sell well, so they hired a bunch of big name athletes to argue about the "Great Taste" "Less Filling" beer.

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Yet another reason....

by LiamE In reply to Canadian Beer takes a ste ...

yet another reason to drink Guinness in my opinion.

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