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Canadian Beer takes a steep dive!

By Oz_Media ·
Well now I've seen it all.
Molson Breweries has released Molson Kick
Labatts has released Labatts Shok

Both are small volume, high alcohol beers with that added KICK or SHOK brought on by the use of the guarana shrub, which is CAFFEINE!

Caffeine and beer, Molson has even started making an aluminum BOTTLE (eeeeew) for the trendy appearance of Kick.

MADD is going berserk over the idea. I instantly saw this as a beer targeted at the young IT crowd (caffeine is the closer there) but neither of these beers is SUPPOSED to actually have much of a caffeine effect yet is said to taste sweet for a beer.

So not only have the two shoddiest beer brewers actually bastardized yet another beer, they have destroyed al hope for making a real beer by incorporating an ALUMINUM BOTTLE (soon to be released, currently in glass)!

Personally as a beer drinker myself, cans make beer taste ghastly, sorry for the Coors Light junkies who think cans are the way to go, but that's not really beer.

MADD's lawyer has gone ballistic over the idea of promoting a beer that keeps kids awake and alert to THINK they can drive, which few can on the best of days.

Pretty soon these companies are going to align themselves with the beer companies in the US and start producing pee water in cans that seem to be bottles. When will it all end? When will people finally stand up and say enough's enough.

If you?re too young to enjoy a real brew or haven't developed the taste buds needed to enjoy a decent stout or lager, then go buy a Mountain Dew or a Red Bull and consider yourself a geek. nothing wrong with that, but for the beer makers to target THAT market is just wrong in itself.

Leave the damn beer the way it is supposed to be!

Today I am actually embarrassed to be living in Canada, screw the Liberal issues, they have dropped so much now that if it goes to vote again, they don't have a hope in **** (much as what SHOULD have happened with Bush's second term) but the beer issue is just too much for this guy to handle!

Sick demented losers!

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hey Oz

by jck In reply to Dirty old man?

can I be a part of the dirty old man club too, seeing as I'm your age?

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Something else we have in common...

by Jessie In reply to Dirty old man?

I got pg with my first at 16, was 17 when I had him, only his father was 21... told me he was sterile, and I was an idiot and believed him. When I told him I was pg, he said I could either have an abortion or he'd never speak to me again... he's held true to his word... so far... for which I'm grateful. I'd rather have him not around at all than have him come and go, as so many "dads" I've seen.

As soon as I turned 18, we went on welfare... the state paid for daycare and $100 a month for food while I went to school and did what I could to provide whatever else I was able. Personally, I think I've done pretty well for myself with the hand I was dealt (or drew, however you want to look at it).

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Hats off to that

by Oz_Media In reply to Dirty old man?

Wel done Jess, you're obviously holding your own now.

I worked my *** off to make it all work, so my EX could get into legal school.

Oh well, cest la vie, that's what has given me the strength I have today.

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I figured

by jck In reply to How old do you really thi ...

you were in your 40s. You're the same age as me.

I guess it's just that I was born in the states...that sets you back 10 years I guess

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Gee uh thanks!

by Oz_Media In reply to I figured
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by jck In reply to Gee uh thanks!

pog ma thoin, ya wanker!

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Canadian coversion?

by jdclyde In reply to I figured

So the people age like the money?

At a 75% conversion rate, OZ would be 50 in US time...

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Isn't it the opposite?

by jck In reply to Canadian coversion?

he's 75% of American, so he'd be 27? Wait...if he came from England...then he's really 15 then??

I'm confused...I should go home at noon and drink Guinness and fall asleep.

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The way your dollar is being pounded

by Oz_Media In reply to Canadian coversion?

I get older all the time.

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I miss guessed by about 10

by jdclyde In reply to How old do you really thi ...

From the experiences you have listed I would have put you in the mid 40's. You know how some people LOOK older than they are? You must just TYPE older than you are!

Clocking in at 38 in another month, so I don't have any room to talk. But also just a big kid.

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