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Canadian Pride

By ND_IT ·
I just wanted to post a little note here to our Candaian colleagues about how I was impressed with their national pride during the World Junior Hockey Tournament. As most of you hockey buffs know, the tournament was recently held in Grand Forks, ND over the last 10 days or so. It had the best talent in the world for players 20 and under. The US was the defending gold medal champs, and Canda hasn't won the gold since 1997. Now, I am not a big hockey follower, but followed this tournament since it took place in my back yard. The US lost on Sunday to the Russians, who I thought displayed poor sportsmanship by taunting the US and the fans when they scored 3 goals (empty net goals by the way) at the end of the game. I was rooting for Canada to beat the pants of the Russians for this. The reason for this post is because watching the championship game between Canada and Russia, I saw so much Red and White in the stands and Canadian flags flying, it was incredible to see how the citizens of Canada love their hockey. Now, I am not saying the US doesn't have pride in their national team, because it was evident as well, but here in the US, we have so many sports we can choose from. We call baseball our national past time, we invented football, Nascar is getting big. Hockey is big around here where I live, but not as popular with the rest of the country. We have so many choices here. Listening to Wayne Gretsky, who was interviewed on a local radio station yesterday, he basically said Canada is hockey, and everything else is #2, and that was quite evident in the support I saw that the fans that came south to watch a sold out game of 12,000 and with the gold again. Congratulations!

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by house In reply to Canadian Pride

...and to think that I tried to drag out the fellow hockey fans on TR - without success.

Now's my chance. LOL.

Chris :)

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by ND_IT In reply to Ha

Here's your chance. Mind you, I am not a hockey die hard, but I recently moved to an area that eats and breaths hockey. I like hockey, but never had followed the NHL. I follow mostly UND hockey and Olympic hockey. In fact, I was just asked today, if I would be interested in playing in a league once a week. I know how to skate, but never have played organzied hockey before, could be interesting :)

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I'm a NHL fan, but not much to talk about lately..

by TomSal In reply to Ha

Hopefully in '06 we'll have an NHL season again...looks lik '05 is out of the question too.

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It's the hockey strike

by Oz_Media In reply to Canadian Pride

Since pro hockey isn't on, everyone is ettign thier fill of amateur hockey.

The local teams are filling arenas and selling out game after game,whereas before they would have merely parent and die hards attending.

You could have two kids kicking a can on a slippery driveway and it would sell out here, Canadians are hockey buffs in and out.

These are the same fans in many cases though that will spit on the Canucks when they lose and line up for two days when they are winning.

It's nice to see amateur sports so heavily suported, but I feel in this case it is just a replacement for the local pasttime being absent. We (Canadians) will do anything to sit indoors and drink.

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by Jaqui In reply to It's the hockey strike

ya couldn't pay me enough to go watch any level of hockey.

or any pro sporting event.

might be willing to watch the youngest league playing, as there at least the odds are better that it's for the fun of playing.

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The younger the better

by Oz_Media In reply to

I use to be a security foreman for the Coliseum so I have grown up with the Canucks, though I don't watch much TV hockey at all.

The new home of the Canucks is a complete joke and more people ae catching on to the scam every year. They own the building outright, Orca Bay Management, but keep raising ticket prices because they have to pay for building rental and utilities. It is a management company that rents itself it's own building. Much like how car leasing is done, they own the lease company and then lend themselves the money, it's a HUGE cash grab for the company. I taught a former employer how to lease his own equipment to himself and he made a fist full really quick, now it's his strongest revenue stream.

I love the little tiny kids hockey though, coed, no issues just fun. A friend of mine has two son and a dughter on the same hockey team, it's just a riot to watch as the pads and sticks all seem so huge on them.

Pro hockey has just gone bad though and doesn't sut it anymore. It seems money ruins things more that it helps them.

LOL I just realized that the title I used here could really be taken wrong!

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by Jaqui In reply to The younger the better

that's what I meant.

the kids playing for the fun of it is worth watching.

a "beer league" is worth watching.

but even the organised leagues for teenagers are to much about getting noticed for pro pay to be worth it.

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There you go again

by house In reply to The younger the better

There you go with your choice of words again. LOL.

The title caught my eye... is that good or bad? It must be the 'Canadian' thing again. Minds in the gutter. :)

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by JamesRL In reply to There you go again

West Coast thing.....


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by house In reply to Naaaah

But I'm a northerner. I'm no more west than you.

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