Cannot Access BIOS

By VAR1016 ·
Hello all.

I have just installed a new SATA hard drive which has registered itself as "slave" Drive E. The drive is Seagate, 160GB SATA II, the original drive is a Samsung 40GB SATA (don't know if it is I or II).

I want the new HD to be drive C and Master - i.e. the boot drive. Using Sagate's Disk Wizard, I have copied over all the files. I have no idea if the disks are running correctly as SATA - I have not knowingly installed any SATA drivers - first because I don't have a floppy available - I do have a USB FDD drive and because despite reading the procedure several times I find it rather confusing and difficult to understand.

Problem is I cannot access the BIOS (Award). I have had this trouble before: press Del and nothing happens, although pressing F12 does give the Boot menu. M/board is Gigabyte M55 plus S3G.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get into the BIOS?



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You can get the utility tools from Seagate...

Or if you are using Maxtor then it will be from them. Western Digital is another, Western Digital drives are my favourite, i have no problem with these drives. But then we all have favourites.
Seagate and Maxtor tools here:
I have forgotten that seagate brought out Maxtor. :)
Western Digital tools here:
You will have to use the right one for the right drives so do not get them mixed up. If you do not know what you have in your system then download this little program:
Click on the link that say "Download", this will tell you what you have inside your computer (well nearly all). :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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re: I wonder how this could be?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to SATA is the interface of ...

In your original post, you said: "Using Sagate's Disk Wizard, I have copied over all the files."

re: Wondering how this could be, did you forget that you had cloned the old drive which was a SATA?

Memory is the first thing to go!

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Yes, but

by VAR1016 In reply to re: I wonder how this cou ...

As I said, I formatted the new drive after the cloning!

Perhaps it's a case of "The song is ended but the melody lingers on"!


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If it was an XP CD with SP2

by IC-IT In reply to SATA is the interface of ...

Then some SATA drivers are on the install CD.

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I have an old gigabyte

by Dumphrey In reply to If it was an XP CD with S ...

board for an AMD XP64 3000 chip that loads XP (pre SP1) onto sata drives with no problems. The BIOS is mimicking a pata drive. When XP is up and going, the mobo drivers install the sata kit and you can go back into bios and set the sata for native. pretty slick really.

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Gigabyte Etc.

by VAR1016 In reply to I have an old gigabyte


I have four driver files from Gigabyte (downloaded as I have no CD). Three are obvious: chipset, VGA, Audio; the fourth which I have done nothing with is called "Motherboard_driver_raid_nvidia_C51_bootdisk-XP. I suppose that these are SATA drivers? But surely you must have loaded yours from a floppy disk? Everyone says they can only be installed from a Floppy. Why this might be baffles me since the floppy is really very old hat isn't it?

I am interested to know if it is possible to install SATA after the OS - and your post suggests that this is possible.

By the way, what does "native" mean in this context?



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XP Pro SP2

by VAR1016 In reply to If it was an XP CD with S ...

Hello and thanks.

Yes it's XP Pro with SP2.

Reading in SIW under disk drives, I see that the driver for my SATA II HD is dated 1-7-2001! This I find curious, because still in SIW, if I look under "storage devices" it says that the interface for this HD is SATA II. Now since SATA II didn't exist in 2001 I am baffled!


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