Cannot access /companyweb from one workstation only...

By marshallneely ·
Hello everyone, I'm new here so if I step all over toes, forgive me. I am running SBS2003R2 for my server. Recently one of my workstations became unable to access the sharepoint site companyweb. I am using a D-Link (I know) router for all DHCP requests. The router is set to forward DNS to the SBS2003 server. The router's DHCP server gives out addresses in the range of All my workstations are set to manual IP settings in the range -
**Here is the kicker**
I found that on that ONE workstation that cannot access sharepoint, if I set the IP to automatically obtain, it can connect to /companyweb just fine. If I set the IP manually to the auto-obtained IP, I lose access to company web again. All my other workstations are working just fine with manual IPs.

Windows XP SP2
SBS2003R2 SP2

* I have flushed the DNS on both the server and workstation
* I have changed out NIC on workstation with same results
* I have checked the workstation for newly installed software and found none.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thnx in advance.

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It's definitely your DNS settings

by TechSoEasy In reply to Cannot access /companyweb ...

Using a D-Link Router is fine in an SBS-based network. However, you don't want to be using it for DHCP, and you don't want your workstations to have static IP's.

In doing this, you are depriving yourself of many of SBS's benefits, which keep management and maintenance of your network to a minimum.

Ideally you want DHCP running from your SBS. To fix this, please see the bottom part of

Then, I'd suspect that if your workstations weren't getting the correct network settings from your SBS that you never joined them to the domain the "SBS-way" using Internet Explorer to go to http://<servername>/connectcomputer

If you didn't use ConnectComputer you should rejoin your workstations following the steps I've outlined at

"The router is set to forward DNS to the SBS2003 server".
In a properly configured SBS network, it doesn't matter where the router's DNS is pointing because nothing on the network should be using it for DNS. Instead, all computers in the LAN should have ONLY the SBS's IP as the DNS Server and then you would enter the ISP's DNS IP's as forwarders when you run the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW -- which is linked as Connect to the Internet in the Server Management Console > Internet and Email).

A visual how-to is here:

(The Workstation's DNS Server settings would be done automatically by the SBS's DHCP Service if it were running).

Jeffrey B. Kane [SBS MVP]

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ya know there's a lot you do that doesn't make sense

by CG IT In reply to Cannot access /companyweb ...

why have DHCP running on the network at all when you stated that you manually assign addresses?

Second, why are you forwarding DNS through the router?

If everyone can access the built in, internal, web site but one machine, then the 1 machine isn't pointed to the SBS box for DNS.

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