cannot communicate with network printer windows 7 x64?

By cr4zyJ ·
I am at work on a windows server 2003 domain. the manager here insits on a mix of windows 7 x64 PCs and windows xp x86 PCs.

I am trying to install the companies HP printers onto a Windows 7 x64 PC. I have downloaded the universal printer driver for Windows 7 Pro x64 and installed it fine.

When I either try to connect to any of the printers via the HP universal printer properties setup or via windows 7 add a printer option I am unable to communicate with the printer. At most I get told the PC cant communicate with any of them and it asks me to select a generic network card. upon doing that I click have disk and select the driver i downloaded and continue. i get an error stating it was not installed 000000x000002

i can ping the printers. all of them fine. they are all online and working for x86 PCs.

i have tried installing via IP and not via share, via the HP universal driver, tried installing the printers on a server 2008 server with the x64 drivers, tried adding an x64 driver for the already setup printers on our print server. none of this has worked, just keep hitting a brick wall everytime.

on another side note... if my manager has a mix of server 2008, 2003, and a mix of xp x86 and win7 x64 and incompatibility issues around the company and wont listen to me, shall i look for a new job? haha!

Please help! Thanks.

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Most important thing to do.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

Go into the printers section and mark them as "Share" and give them a password if you like.
Hope this helps you some what.

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You're all over the place

by Kenone In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

What kind of printers are we talking about here? Not all HP printers have Win7 drivers, universal print driver doesn't mean what you think it means. When you go to the "Devices and Printers" folder and click on "Add a Printer" then "add a network . . .' does the printer show up in the list? Probably not, click on "The printer that I want isn't listed" and wait. Does your network eventually show up?

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list of printers

by cr4zyJ In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

they are these:


they should work regardless, i have gone to HP and searched for the printer model as stated above and selected my operating system and clicked the x64 driver for each. yes, some of them provide a universal driver and not one specific to the printer but i have gone through on selection of my o/s and 64bit. if i do that and HP give me a download of a 64bit driver i expect the damn thing to work!

i can find all of them straight on the 1st list on add a printer. and also on my device isnt listed > directory

what happens is if i select via the 1st list it searches windows updates for a while, says warning: cant find any update click ok to choose one manually. click have disk, select driver i downloaded, error: driver install did not complete

if i click the directory share and click on the printer it skips the windows update and asks me to do the same thing, have disk, select it, click ok, boom: error again

if i click to install via IP and type in the port it takes a long time to detect the printer, then says it cannot communicate with the printer and asks me to choose a type of network card. whatever: generic network card selected, click next, click have disk, select the driver, click ok, error again, could not install.

according to HP's site i should be able to install these no problem.
these printers are installed on a windows server 2003 server, and not using 64bit drivers on the server, only x86 as standard for windows xp.

i thought also that might be the whole reason why so i tried installing any of those printers onto a server 2008 machine we have using the x64 driver as the server is 2008 x64 and again, does not want to work, period.

what i am so worried about is my stupid manager does not care. he isnt changing our setup and he wont budge on setting up everything on 32bit or 64bit, he insists a mix. so i just dont know what more i can do. do i have to learn how to build my own drivers?

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most important thing to do...

by cr4zyJ In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

appreciate you trying to help. of course, they are already shared. i have not been in IT for 3 years for nothing haha! :-D

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Reponse To Answer

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to most important thing to d ...

""i have tried installing via IP and not via share"". Your words not mine, that is why i posted you to do a share. You should just collect the printer drivers from your server if you have set it up correctly through your computer network. Make sure ALL cables are correctly attached, i bit weird yes, but i have seen this many a times where a cable seams to be just in when it should be completly slotted into your server. Make sure ALL printers are turned OFF when you do this, then switch one printer on and collect the drivers off of the server. Reboot the server if you have to, it should clear the memory of the server for you to do this.

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hp universal driver

by Sue T In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

I have found that 50 percent of the time the universal driver does not work and I have to download the specific driver for that printer. If you can't find for that specific printer see what others are available and download one of those that seem to be close to what you have. I find the LJ 4000 to work for a lot of their printers and I have better luck with PS drivers rather than PCL drivers.

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by Kenone In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

I would use the PCL5 version in your setup, for some of those printers it's your only option anyway. You installed these drivers on your print server right? When you pick the printer off of the first list, the one on your print server it should tell you that you need to install a driver then install that driver right from the print server. I had a hard time stopping it from happening. You are installing these printers as an Administrator right? The Win7 Administrator account is different from just a user account with admin rights. I don't know why MS had to mess around with that but they did.

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by cr4zyJ In reply to cannot communicate with n ...

the IT manager set all the printers on a different subnet to the PCs in the company. this is why i could not communicate with any of them and install the drivers. all working now. however i did not expect that, ive never worked in a company where anyone did something like that. i feel sick now ive spent the entire day trying to fix this and he just turns around and goes "oh sorry let me change the subnet" and there you go, works. IDIOT!!

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Reponse To Answer

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to solved

And you have been in IT for how many years??
Just saying. :)

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Windows 7 unable to connect network printer

by ashily24dee In reply to cannot communicate with n ...


If you have issues with the driver file corruption, you will need to update your antivirus program to fix all the malware issues in the computers connected to your network. Then you can install the necessary drivers for your network printer. If you have connectivity issues, you check if your printer is on and if your connectivity cables are having no issues. If you see that if you have issues due to any hardware trouble you may need to get it fixed or get it replaced by an authorized person.
get more information to fix windows 7 network printer error :

Hope this information helps you.

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