Cannot connect to Cisco PIX 501

By george.kyriacou100 ·
Hi all, i have a cisco pix 501 and have none of its configuration or password information, i dont even know its local ip address. How can i connect to the device??

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How did you acquire this device?

by deepsand In reply to Cannot connect to Cisco P ...

I've seen cases where a client has leased/purchased a PIX from an ASP, the PIX now needs to be re-configured, finds out that the ASP has been subsumed by a different company, only the original ASP had record of the Access Code, so that their PIX is now little more than a doorstop.

Hence the question as to how you came to have this device.

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Taken from office network

by george.kyriacou100 In reply to How did you acquire this ...

it is from my old workplace, we changed IT companies as the old one hacked us off and as we did not get passed over the details (username, password, etc) from the old company, the new company just ripped this one out and put in a new one to save time.

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Been there, done that.

by deepsand In reply to Taken from office network

Unfortunately, unless you can get the old IT company to produce the access code, you're sunk re. reconfiguring it, unless you can find someone whose has expertise in cracking Cisco PIXs; that's why the new company replaced it with a new unit.

However, you may still be able to use it. If it was originally used as a gateway, odds are that the internal IP address assigned to it is within a fairly narrow range of commonly used addresses.

The 3 blocks reserved for private, i.e. local networks are - - -

Also, IP addresses in the range of - are reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing.

If you know, or can find out, the range of IP addresses used by the LAN from which this PIX was used, we can deduce the most likely address(es) assigned to it.

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by george.kyriacou100 In reply to Been there, done that.

No way i can get that info from the old company, what if i wa to take out the lithium battery from inside the unit and then replace it, will this reset it??

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cisco docs available to try

by oharaphil In reply to Hmmmm

if you follow:

See if it helps

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thanks for your advice

by george.kyriacou100 In reply to cisco docs available to t ...

I will have to make up a serial cable for the console port, once i have done that i will try it out, thanks for your advice, much appreciated.

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Cisco recovery docs worked like a charm

by cruzramirezjr In reply to cisco docs available to t ...

Hey you guys, I stumbled across these posts while researching how to recover/remove unknown passwords from a Cisco PIX 501 that I have. The documentation posted at worked like a charm.

I followed the instructions step by step, I connected the PIX to a LAN switch via Ethernet0, assigned it a local LAN address, downloaded solarwinds tftp server as well as the corresponding .bin file for my PIX sotware version. I ran the tftp server on the laptop I was using to console to the PIX, specified my laptops LAN IP as the tftp server, everything work without a hitch, I was able to remove all the passwords.

Thanks a lot for the info!

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In that case, ...

by deepsand In reply to Hmmmm

since the most commonly used IP range for LANs is the 192.168 block, and the most common practice is to assign the gateway the 1st address in the last octet, so that most have an address of, or, or, etc., you might easily find it via a brute force approach

Additionally, if it might be of help to you, I do have a complete image of Cisco's 2 CD set for the PIX series.

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Was the advice you received here helpful?

by deepsand In reply to Cannot connect to Cisco P ...

If so, your marking it here accordingly will be of use to others who seek the same or similar assistance.

Thank you.

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I have the same problem mentioned

by jl.roduit In reply to Was the advice you receiv ...

I have the same problem mentioned and i don't know how to replace the old settings by the old one's.

This morning i tried to change the IP address of the pix and now impossible to reach the address I configured.

Any solutations ? thx in advance

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