Cannot get to Google or Bing websites

By nderr ·
Am running Windows XP sp3. Have a 3.2ghz proccessor with 1.5 Gb of ram. Get unable to display page when I try to go to either Google or Bing. Have tried both Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox.

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by patb071 In reply to Cannot get to Google or B ...

do you have internet connection? what os? what has changed since the last time it worked?

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What I have tried

by nderr In reply to questions

Im running windows XP. Sp3. I can get to any other web page just not either of these two. I had updated to Exploer 8 before this happened and did go back to 7 but no difference. I can get to both of these web pages rom my laptop when connected through my router. I also have another machine which is connected wireless through this router that connects fine.

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It has to be a security setting them if that's the case

by OH Smeg In reply to What I have tried

Look in the Browsers Setup and check to make sure that the Security Levels are not set to High.


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Can you get any Web Pages at all?

by OH Smeg In reply to Cannot get to Google or B ...

Your description is a bit vague if you are unable to open either Google or Bing Search Engines but able to open other Web Sites you'll need to look at your Security Settings and also maybe the List of Disallowed Sites in your Browsers.

If however you can not get any web Pages at all try unplugging your Modem from the mains for about 30 seconds then plug it back in allow it to boot and see if it works now. Quite often these Modems get hit with Power Spikes from the mains and scramble their internal workings. When this happens you need to reboot them after a period of time to allow the internal capacitors to discharge.


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Can not access search engines in Internet Explorer 8.

by musicmandjch In reply to Cannot get to Google or B ...

I too am seeing this issue on a computer running windows xp with sp3. Had a virus, installed new anti-virus software, ran scan. It said it removed problems. Still no luck. Uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled from downloaded version from Yahoo website, still same problem. Ran Microsoft malware scanner, found errors. Still does not work. All pages load normally, website browsing is normal, and can access websites from favorites. However, can not get to, bing, or any other search engine. I am stumped. Any other ideas?

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to Can not access search eng ...

Scanners remove malware, they don't fix the problems created by it. Try a repair install of Windows.

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about windows XP SP3

by bigclassesglobal In reply to Cannot get to Google or B ...

Why had you chosen the windows XP SP3,didn't u know sp3 has many problems compare to Sp2.Even at networking u may want to face the situation.
Better you install Sp2. Good luck.....

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Virus/malware aftermath?

by IcebergTitanic In reply to Cannot get to Google or B ...

If you have had an infestation of viruses or malware that hijacked your searches, it's possible the cleanup didn't get everything repaired.

The simplest answer is to look at your hosts file. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the file named "hosts" in notepad. Look for any entry that says google or bing (or anything else that is on a line without a # at the beginning...)

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by 3v@N771M In reply to Cannot get to Google or B ...

Check your host file as suggested. Chances are that "New Anti-virus" could have been a scam and has hijacked your system. My best suggestion at this point is to reinstall your operating system.

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