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Cannot print articles from TR's site (and a few others).

By 2vanscleveland ·
I'm using I.E.8, and in the last couple of months have been unable to print articles from TR's and a few other sites. Whether clicking the print button within the TR post, or from the file menu (even clicking print preview) I.E. now crashes, and after 3 recoveries stops trying to restore the website. As far as I know I have not changed any settings, and on most sites I have no trouble printing or saving posts, news, etc. Anybody know what is causing this?

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Have you noticed any problems with an alternate browser?

You could try an alternate browser, I like Opera, currently use version 11.64 as my
primary, others like Firefox or Chrome. I don't normally do a lot of printing per se,
though I do save content to file on my hard drives. The only things I've noticed
with IE8 of late is that after the last round of security updates I get a few more
notices of non-secure as well as secure content being served from a variety of
sites, especially web based email. This may or may not be related to a printing
issue, though it has in the past. Even in the Opera forums there were some mentions
of printing issues and invalid security certificates.
The other idea that springs to mind is maybe something due to increased use of
HTML5 elements that IE8 does not know how to handle, although a properly
configured server is supposed to detect a lack of HTML5 support and present
content accordingly.
Are you able to save the content as say, an XPS file rather than HTML? If you can,
then you could use the XPS viewer to print.

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Cannot print articles from TR's site

by windwalker01 In reply to Cannot print articles fro ...

Yep, print button works with Firefox 9.0.1 on my XP box.

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