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Cannot see/logon to network domain

By Nev ·
Hello fello members

After unsuccessfully attempting to sort this out myself, I have been forced to ask for help. My predicament is I am unable to see or logon to a network domain.

Windows 2000 professional
Network cardXircom Ethernet II (PCMCIA)
Client for Microsoft Networks

File and Printer Sharing for M'soft networks


I do not have any entries in the host/lmhost file, set to automatically determine IP address and have default settings for DNS and WINS. Am able to ping DHCP, WINS, DNS and default gateway in addition to other computers on network.

Cannot however see rest of network in network neighbourhood. Network wizard does not see/allow me to logon onto network domain. Network properties also does not allow me to change from workgroup to domain as does not see domain.

Have also unchecked all protocols except TCP/IP, set default gateway, set DNS/WINS servers, all with no effect.

This I'm sure is something stupid I've overlooked, but because I am at a dead end I am offering 500 points for a solution.

Please help!
Desperate member

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Cannot see/logon to network domain

by kt In reply to Cannot see/logon to netwo ...

Well, it's not quite clear to me if your workstation is on different subnet from you domain controller. If subnet is the same -- sorry, I ran out of ideas. However, if subnets are different, make sure that you have lmhosts file on the domain controller set up with an entry for your workstation. It has to be both ways -- doing it on one end won't help. Good thing to do is to check if you can see the workstation in a network neighborhood on the server.

After making changes in lmhosts file on any machine, you have to either reboot, or run the command "nbtstat -R" (R must be capital) -- it will purge and reload locl NetBIOS cache. This is true for both NT and Win2K.

Of course, lmhosts file is only needed if you don't have WINS server on yor network, or something is wrong with it's configuration (most probably on client side). One thing you can be sure about -- this problem is definitely related to NetBIOS name resolution, which is done by WINS or lmhosts files.

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Cannot see/logon to network domain

by Nev In reply to Cannot see/logon to netwo ...

Thanks for the advice, will repost problem if not sorted.

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Cannot see/logon to network domain

by Nev In reply to Cannot see/logon to netwo ...

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