Cannot Share Printer / No ping response

By lindsayt ·
WIN XP, SP2 Home. PC is on a lan at local non-profit org. PC in question can access internet,shared files & printers on other PCs. Have setup local printer to be shared, but it cannot be found from other PCs, and this PC does not respond to PING except from self. Have turned firewall off w/ no effect.
When I try to search for printer from other pcs, it is found, but when I select it from list, I get "Bad Printer Name" and am told printer cannot be found.
I have tried running Knoppix from CD and when Knoppix is running, I can ping the PC, so problem appears to be in WIN XP.
Any ideas?

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Is this in a domain or workgroup?

by bob.hunt In reply to Cannot Share Printer / No ...

1) Are you pinging by name or IP address?

2) When you share the printer, keep the share name 8 characters or less

3) You need to set the share permissions in security on the printer as well

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Re: Domain or Workgroup

by lindsayt In reply to Is this in a domain or wo ...

This is a small workgroup of 5 PCs. I can ping either by name or IP address - both ways fail.
Both the computer name and the printer name are less than 8 characters - \\brenda\lexmark
The main PC in the system is running XP PRO, and has a shared printer (b/w) that everyone else can see. This PC is running XP Home and its color printer can't be seen by anyone. I haven't done much w/ XP Home. Is there something Im missing?

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wow. a good one. firewalls - keep lookin'

by sgt_shultz In reply to Cannot Share Printer / No ...

Nice post if I may say so.
MS has an article with your very symptoms. here is the link. it says that it could be a firewall issue in your router...
there were other mskb hits if joy no with this one.
I searched under Windows XP using keywords 'no ping'
here is the link HIH.
Network Problems with a Router in Windows XP
You may experience one or more of the following symptoms in your peer-to-peer network that includes Windows XP and a router: ? You can browse the Internet, but you cannot browse your local area connection.
? You are able to ping your loopback address (, but you cannot ping another computer on the same network.

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Re: Firewalls

by lindsayt In reply to wow. a good one. firewall ...

I don't think it is a router problem, since I can ping the PC when it is running linux. Also, this PC can access shares on other PCs, but it can't share its printer. Every PC is running WIN XP, just some are PRO and some are Home. It's this HOME PC that is giving me heartburn.
I'm thinking of running the Install (Repair) setup and seeing if that makes a difference. I do think the problem is a peculiarity in XP Home that I'm not familiar with.
I checked the KB article you found, but I don't think it applies here.

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did you manage to solve it?

by keith.bernard In reply to Re: Firewalls

as I have the same problem sharing a printer between an XP Pro and an XP Home pc...
Any suggestions?
(Can ping between the 2 pcs)

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Unable to share printer

by lindsayt In reply to did you manage to solve i ...

I haven't been able to make it work. It appears to be due to the differences in network management between XP home and XP Pro.

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Same Problem XP can't share

by kolakowskit In reply to Unable to share printer

No router, just a hub. Win98 and Win 2k PCs work together fine. Neither get ping response from XP machine, but XP Pro machine can connect to their file and printer shares. All attempts to share XP drives results in "Share service cannot be started". Tried turning firewall off with same result. So I can copy from Win2k to XP and Win98 to XP.

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Cannot Share Printer / No ping response

by rodvaughn In reply to Cannot Share Printer / No ...

sounds stupid, but the PC doesn't have a IP adress does it?

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