Can't access Linux Partition

By jefw ·
I have a 200gb hard drive. I picked it up for free because Windows XP only recognizes 38gb. After doing some trouble shooting I found one utility that found a Linux partition on the drive. Which explains why XP only saw 38gb.

Of course it didn't give any info about the partition or what kind it is. I've tried multiple Linux utilities and booted from floppies to access that drive but they do not see the Linux Partition. I have no idea what variable was used to create the partition. The Linux utilities I've used search for the most common linux partitions. Without knowing which linux variance created the partition, am I sunk?? I just want to delete that partition to recover the rest of the drive. Of course Windows XP doesn't recognize it and fdisk for Windows won't work. I continue to try multiple Linux Utilities until I find the right one that will recognize the linux partition. I'm almost out of options. Any ideas?? Thanks.

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one more possibility

by cls In reply to But that is just what isn ...

Size limiting jumper is the most plausible explanation, but here's another.

I had a used drive with a "hidden" partition. It's an obscure ATA drive feature used by IBM and Compaq to hide a file system with recovery and diagnostic programs on it.

Recent Linux kernels know how to issue the obscure ATA commands to disable the hiding. At boot time, give the kernel argument "hda=stroke" and they'll show you the whole drive. If you're booting Knoppix, give the command "knoppix hda=stroke" instead of just hitting enter at the boot prompt. If you're booting with GRUB use their little boot command editor to add the option to the kernel command line.

I can't imagine why anybody would hide most of the drive. So defective drive or size jumper makes more sense here.

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Yes it's certainly an interesting problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to one more possibility

Isn't it?

At first I thought that it would be a simple matter to sort out but this hasn't turned out this way. OH Well that's the story of my life the easy jobs take forever and what you put off as the nasty jobs that have to be done sometime but not now as you are going to be spending ages are fixed in under 10 minutes. Things never work out right for me.


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if you think it is linux partition i vote for knoppix

by sgt_shultz In reply to one more possibility

you can download the knoppix iso image and burn yourself a bootable cd. too cool.
i bet they would help you also.
powerquest partition commander is so worth the money i bet it could find it. what about spin rite?

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Not trying to belabor the issue...

by leadgolem13 In reply to Can't access Linux Partit ...

I have seen a few hd where the jumper that controls the hd size limit is located on the top or bottom of the drive instead of the back with the master/slave jumper.

You might want to physically remove the drive and see it there are any other jumpers on the thing.

You might want to look for jumper pins, usually smaller if the jumper for size isn't located with the master/slave jumper, missing a jumper.

Something similar drove me nuts with an old 80gb drive.

Out of curiosity, what application was able to tell you that you had a linux partion on the drive?

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