By mickambrose ·
I have been trying to cure the well-documented XP restart problem for many months, with no success.
The only original hardware left unchanged is the motherboard and the two hard drives.
I have re-formatted both drives and installed XP Home (English) on drive 'C' and XP Home (French) on drive 'D'. Before I installed any programmes I checked the shutdown,and I still had the same problem. Everything operates as it should, the PC powers down, turns off, then immediately powers back up again.
Even if I use the power off button the same thing occurs. The only time I can successfully switch off is if I have a BSOD, when the power off button works correctly, so the problem must be Windows associated, but what?
I have run out of ideas....

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More answers.....

by mickambrose In reply to This has worked before...

Motherboard - Microstar MS7093 Ver 1.0
BIOS - Phoenix Technologies, version 6.00 PG
Power supply - Tagan TG420-U01 (420W)
2x200GB SATA drives, both NTFS, One loaded with WinXP Home (English), the second with WinXP Home (Frnech).

This situation started some months ago whilst on the existing BIOS. A Bios upgrade made no difference.
Deleting Temp folder in safe mode then turning off makes no difference.
Automatic restart is off, but there is never anything in the Event Log.
PowerDown value is set to 1.
Wake on LAN is off.


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Just a thought.....

by mickambrose In reply to More answers.....

I don't know what technically comes under the heading of "Restart" in Windows, but I have a few further observations that may or may not shed a little more light on the problem....

If you request Windows to do a restart, the power is never turned off in the process.

Normally, when you request Windows to Switch Off, it runs through its' processes and then does exactly that, removing power from the system.

When I request a Switch Off, the computer definitely switches off (with an audible thump from my Altec sound system), and the display lights on the front go out, BUT, a split second later, the PC turns back on...

One other observation. Although I have the power button set to "Instant Off", it doesn't. It still waits the 4 or 5 seconds before switching off, but then I still get the (Restart?).


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Cost of troubleshooting ...

by wchaster In reply to Just a thought.....

Well I would tend to think this is a BIOS issue too, but since you indicate that you have updated the BIOS then that may not be it, unless you used the wrong BIOS.

After reading all the post to your problem one thing came to mind. You have indicated that this started as an OEM PC and now you have replaced most of the parts. In troubleshooting this problem it also sound like to have spent numorous hours and have had the assistance of many. What do you think the cost of all this troubleshooting has cost you?
Maybe the cure to your problem is to replace the MoBo.

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by mickambrose In reply to Cost of troubleshooting . ...

The BIOS is correct for the MB. The cost doesn't really come into the equation as such because everything has been an upgrade for my own purposes.
If I thought changing the MB was the answer to the problem I would do it, but I need convincing by "one who knows" before I go through the hassle involved.


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please post the BSOD error message in entirety?

by sgt_shultz In reply to CAN'T CURE XP RESTART PRO ...

i am coming late to this party, did you already post the bsod error? and peek in the event logs for more clues? does it do this in safe mode?

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by mickambrose In reply to please post the BSOD erro ...

This was an unrelated problem caused by supposedly matched pair of Ram modules that weren't!
I just happened to notice that after a BSOD the power-off button worked correctly.


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by mickambrose In reply to please post the BSOD erro ...

........forgot to add that the problem is the same if I try to shutdown from Safe Mode.


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Solved to your question: restart when shut down xp

by rosamundwo In reply to CAN'T CURE XP RESTART PRO ...

Rename it to another name

I have the same problem and i solved mine.

CDRALW2K.SYS. Correspondent Larry Blumette identified the CDRALW2K.SYS file (version as the Roxio file causing his shutdown problems and error conditions. When he deleted or renamed this one file, his problems went away. (Of course, you lose your CD functionality that way, too.)

Source: http://www.aumha.org/win5/a/shtdwnxp.php

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i had the same sort of restart problem

by scoreychris In reply to CAN'T CURE XP RESTART PRO ...

try start control panel, power options,and change your settings to (home/office)this worked fine for me in xp scoreychris

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