Can't do a "Save As" to a network drive using Word 2007

By jbonin ·
I am getting close to the end of my rope. I am running Vista Business and Office 2007. When I open a document in Word it opens fine. When I try to do a "Save As" (a .doc file not the new format) to a network drive, I get an error "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost." and the file is not written. I can copy and paste files to and from the network drive using Windows Explorer and (surprisingly) I can open a network file with Word and do a "Save As" to a local drive without any problems. I have tried the above with Windows XP Pro and Office 2007 and the same error occurs.

I have looked at the various Microsoft web sites for any help but I have not found anything that will help me correct the problem.

Any ideas?

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Microsoft, this is serious!

by chris.moller In reply to Anyone resolved this

Reading MSKB, this issue has been around since Word 2000, but it only started being a problem for me in May 2008, and then only at random. Unbelievable that Microsoft just says to try saving it somewhere else!

Although it fails to save the edited file, Word still manages to delete the original - leaving you with nothing.

I have also had the same problem with Excel 2007. The message is "Document NOT saved". If you try again, you don't get the message again, but it may still not be saved.

It's bad enough to drive one to Open Office!

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I've fixed it

by rizwan.shah In reply to Anyone resolved this

Have you got CA Anti Virus installed.
Anyway, I had it installed and the fix was simple, although the problem was there for a few months and I didn't bother to fix it as I was trialling CA. When the time came, I had to fix it. I spent 2-3 hours on this. Eventually, you need to add the "Backup Operators" group to every user who has this problem. Vistan in particualar. Let me know if it works. Thanks.

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Another possible fix

by bbateman76 In reply to I've fixed it

If you are running CA Antivirus and you by chance have set up Realtime policies, you may want to remove those policies from the groups until you can fine tune the policies since they will block the ability to perform a save-as to a network locatio for Office 2007 files.

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This is not a fix

by jnimmo In reply to I've fixed it

Please, this is not a fix, this is a hack!
Adding users to the Backup Operators group is not
something you want to take lightly!
Read this first: http://www.kellys-korner-

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Microsoft Office failing to save - workrounds

by andy In reply to Anyone resolved this

I often see Office 2003 and lately Office 2007 files, usually Word, failing to save on network drives in our busy college. I've always put it down to Word losing touch with its temporary files on the network drive and then panicing & refusing to save anywhere.

My standard workround, apart from using Open Office, is to highlight and copy the entire document (maybe paste in OO Writer or WordPad for safety), close Word, reopen it and paste it back again and save.

Usually works.

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Anti-Virus Software

by sales In reply to Can't do a "Save As" to a ...

Same issue, I have SBS R2, Windows Vista Business, and Office 2007 Small Business.

Turn off your antivirus software and it should resolve the problem.

Then call them and get an update for your antivirus software.

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should effect all users

by jamesisin In reply to Anti-Virus Software

I can save files while my boss cannot. We are all running the same version of office, the same version of XP, the same version of eTrust--all with their current updates--and accessing the same SBS server (also fully up to date).

I would think if it were the virus software running on the server it would effect all users the same. Thoughts?

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Protected Network Drives must be unchecked

by ben.rattigan In reply to should effect all users

You would, there must be some updates for the e-trust software which load on somewhere. I have a network of 60 PC's and they where all affected a different times.

You must uncheck the protect network drives option within e-trust. That will resolve the problem. This is CA's official response to this problem, MS are not interested unless you pay for support.

As I have said throughout this forum, the error only occurs with Office 2007, not earlier versions or other apps and only to network shares on your server and not p2p shares on another client.

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Can't do "Save As" to a network drive using Word 2007 (Solved)

by rwatt In reply to Protected Network Drives ...

Been was correct on this issue in my case. I deselected the Protect Network Drives in my CA AntiVirus on the Vista and XP system running Office 2007, and immediatly I was again able to save to network drives.

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Cant do "Save As" to a network drive using Excel 2007 (CA Antivirus Solved)

by tleone In reply to Can't do "Save As" to a n ...

I was having this same problem with a Win XP machine with Office 2007 and after turning off "Protect Network Drives" on the local machine's CA antivirus scanner they were able to save to the network folder.

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