Can't install programs on school-computer

By gforce339 ·

I tried to install daemon tools on my computer but I do not have the administrator rights to do so. Is there anyway that I can bypass the admin-rights and install the program anyway? I am not suppose to mount anything illegal, just my own files. Please help me.

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Are you STUPID?

by Dr Dij In reply to Can't install programs on ...

Sorry, I meant to say 'Hard of Thinking', the more politically correct term.

they have these restrictions for a reason. how do they know you're not trying to install keyloggers, tools to hack other systems, etc.

Do you have $300? buy a computer and put them on your own computer.

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Even if we told you...

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Can't install programs on ...

the school would just remove them when they found them, probably after they removed you from the school. Or at the very least, removed your access to school computers.

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Easily Enough

by w2ktechman In reply to Even if we told you...

call the support person/people and ask to have it installed. SIMPLE isnt it?

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Authority is stupid

by gforce339 In reply to Even if we told you...

And I can take that!

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Authority may be stupid....

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Authority is stupid

but the authority in your school is obviously smarter than you.

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Answer to your question

by consortech99 In reply to Can't install programs on ...

First, you will need a copy of Winternals which you can download from any torrent site like Prirate Bay or Torrent search. You will need a P2P app like Azureus.
Once you have this tool insert the cd into the cd rom and reboot the system so it will boot from the cd. And click on Locksmith and change the admin account password.

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Hey DimWit

by w2ktechman In reply to Answer to your question
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I cant agree more :))

by Shaun.G In reply to Hey DimWit

Fantastic reply

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I do not have any cd-rom drive on the computer

by gforce339 In reply to Answer to your question

And P2P programs does not "work" in school (I have tried a couple of times).

Some programs does not even need admin rights, ?f you put them in /Documents and Setting/[USER] you can install those which do not change the registry such as Super Mario or P2P's, altough you need to open a port for that and well... :) And if you start the program on another way you will still need the admin-password.

This is the admin > TENSTAGY-BDBB15

Now I only need the password for him and for that I need a cd-rom?

Also to install a virtual cd-rom program I need to have administrator rights.

And why would I contact the administrator? He does not belive that I will only use it for "non-illegal" things and thus he will not install it. I could ask him to install daemon tools or something else but hello?

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If you want P2P programs

by w2ktechman In reply to I do not have any cd-rom ...

Go to the store and buy yourself a computer.
The school computers are for learning, not whatever you want to do.
New desktop systems start at around $300, a used system can be found for around $50. Look in the newspaper, look at recycle centers(computer), look on Ebay? Lots of options.
But you should not hack your school system for any reason. AND the best place to obtain access to the system is through the schools support. It is blocked for a erason, could be policy, could be legal, could be preventative measures. It is not up to you, as you are not the only one to use the system, and it is the schools property! It is there for your benefit, not as your personal toy!

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