cant install windows xp pro

By black-rulz999 ·
im using a intel pentium 4 1024 ram 2.0 GH nd 80 gb hard disk

the problem is that when i run installation it will run nd load the files up untill the terms and agreement it says press F8 to continue nd i do so and then it will come up with a screen saying that it cant detect any previous versions of windows to contiue isert a windows xp or ................ nd then press enter so its already in the drive so i press enter and it will coe up wit the diff msg saying cd is not valid or it cannot be read ????????? iv tryed everything iv changed the dvd drive te hard disk teh ram the moherboard?????????? so wats wrong?

help pls

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cant install windows xp pro.

by Gopal Saini In reply to cant install windows xp p ...

did u try with changing the cd..
see the problem seems to be with the cd and if that is a branded pc then may u may need to update the bios of your motherboard.. but first check with changing the cd.

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still the prob

by black-rulz999 In reply to cant install windows xp p ...

the thing is whe i changed the motherboard b4 because the last one craped out i installed windows nd everything worked untill i tryed to log in some days later after my dads bin on the comp nd it came up with a msg saying about the user accounts nd then i logged on to it and explorer would not run so i tryed everything then just decided to re install windows nd his prob came up. it cant be the cd can it ? because it works fine for my laptop lol i tryed to c wether it would work nd it worked normaly on my laptop? but how can i upgrade the bios?


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by Gopal Saini In reply to still the prob

See rulz,,
here is the way to sort out the issue....
1.)))ist is by motherboard specification on internet.
and then find the bios version for particular m.b. brand and then search for the upgraded version...
and they will show u how to update the bios..
there are some certain ways but for the latest m.b. its a kind of utility which can be run through the window mode. and also the bios has option to upgrade it but only for the latest m.b.'s...
i hope that can help u. and if u feel any prob. the plz get back to us with the motherboard details like name and chipset no.

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What is on the hard drive?

by ComputerCookie In reply to cant install windows xp p ...

you shouldn't need to change parts, what type of disk do you have?

Is it a proprietory restore disk or a MS retail/upgrade/OEM?

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hard disk

by black-rulz999 In reply to What is on the hard drive ...

theres nothing on the hard disk and and we bought the windows xp pro disk from dv computers so its retail

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Are you using an Upgrade cd?

by 1bn0 In reply to cant install windows xp p ...

Thats the only time I've seen that message when installing Windows.

I have not tried to install an XP Upgrade but with previous versions of Windows, if you try to install from scratch using an upgrade CD the installation will insists on seeing a full install cd (or floppy) from a full install version of Windows.

MSOffice used to do the same thing.

Do you have a Win98 or Windows2000 installation disk for a Full Install? If so try inserting that disk when it ask for the disk check.

There may be work arounds to this, but I don't know any for XP and don't recall any for previous version of Windows.

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by black-rulz999 In reply to Are you using an Upgrade ...

im not to sure on that one hey i think ur rite it mite just be a upgrade disk ill try it out ndget back to u thanx alot

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Are you sure it asks for a XP Disc?

by OH Smeg In reply to cant install windows xp p ...

This sounds like a Upgrade Version of XP if it is actually attempting to install XP and not Vista.

A Upgrade XP Pro Disc which was the only type sold in AU asks for a 98SE, W2k or NT Disc to be inserted. You need to insert one of these to enable the install of XP to proceed as the Upgrade Disc looks for a previous version of Windows to allow you to install the XP version. If you don't have this you shouldn't be using a Upgrade Disc but a OEM Install Disc which naturally costs more.


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yea i think ur rite

by black-rulz999 In reply to Are you sure it asks for ...

i think ur rite aye ill try look for the widows 98 cd hopefull its still lying around the place lol thanx ill get back to uon this

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