Can't receive emails ???

By phil ·
I have a new computer (XP) and all is OK except I cant receive any emails but can send them ! This problem occurs with both Lotus Notes & Outlook Express.
(Internet access is OK and I can ping the mail server )

I have tried
- reloading the Notes & Express email apps
- rechecking all settings
- turning off all Anti-virus software
- reviewing firewall settings
- reviewed all router settings etc.

My short term fix is to put my email on an old PC on the same home LAN (assume router isnt the problem)

What am I missing ??

Thanks in advance

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Error message?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Can't receive emails ???

Do you get an error message when your email client application tries to access the mailbox?

Did the short term solution work? Was the email working on the old PC before you got the new PC?

Have you talked to the company supporting the mail server about the problem? Sometimes a mail server can lock the mailbox if a timeout happens when the mail client communications with the mail server, and, depending on the settings of the server, it may take several hours for the lock to be cleared.

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Error msg

by phil In reply to Error message?

Toivo ... thanks
The error message is simply a timeout message when it tries to check for new messages.
When I spoke to the supporting cable company - Telstra - their "fix" was to recommend I use another PC (as I did) for email. This (I believe) identifies the problem as a setting in the new PC.

The PC history was a real saga. Originally the email was on a PC that had a hard disk crash (worked fine before that) .... now the email is on a laptop and is still working fine .. just the new PC is my challenge. I dont think it is related to a mail server lock as I can use the laptop anytime I like. ???

Revising - error msg reads .....
"The server responded with an error. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR AVG POP3 Proxy Server: Cannot connect to the mail server!', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90"

Cheers Phil

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Settings and proxy

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Error msg

Hi Phil,

You need to check the finer details of the POP3 server settings, there may be a typo somewhere.

If you are using the AVG POP3 Proxy Server, have you tried to access the mailbox without it? You can telnet to the TCP port 110 on the mail server, and if that succeeds, the problem must be in the mail proxy facility provided by the anti-virus application.

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AVG off

by phil In reply to Settings and proxy


Thanks ... I just turned off AVG and Symantec and actually got a couple of emails (thought I had tried this in the past ????)

Sorry basic question ... How do I telnet to TCP port 110?

You are right though ... Looks like it is the AVG appn - I assume I should focus on the the different components starting with the email scanner - true ?

Will call it quits for tonight ... 1:30am here .... many thanks

PS - Just turned AVG back on and I can still receive hmmmm !!

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AV / Telnet

by Toivo Talikka In reply to AVG off

So you were running two AV applications? That may possibly cause some havoc in receiving mail, if they both try to grab hold of the incoming message.

You can type in the following from the command prompt to access your POP3 server, using either the domain name or the IP address of your server. Terminate the lines with the Enter key and wait for the response from the server.

telnet mail.server.address 110

user username

pass password



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How to telnet

by mskcool In reply to AVG off

Its very simple
- Go to dos/command prompt
- type telnet (your isp pop server) 110
- Then it will say +OK POP Server
- type user (username) enter
- type pass ( your password)

If you are not able to do telnet then there is something bolcking your sys

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All fixed

by phil In reply to How to telnet


Just for info, my problem has gone away after I turned off the AVG E-mail scanner, can send receive telnet etc.. ... hope this helps others


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send/rec emails.

by vamsichrisraj In reply to Can't receive emails ???

clean boot-Use MSCONFIG from RUN windows.
disable all the THIRD party softwares.

windows safe mode with networking.

new identity in outlook express.

make olexp exception in windows firewall.

these steps is worth a resolution..

thanks guys,

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