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Can't stop the pop-ups

By andy ·
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How the parasite killed its host

by andy In reply to Can't stop the pop-ups

Imagine that every time you tried to read a magazine or newspaper, someone appeared and stood in front of you and held a sign for their product in front of the page you were trying to read. Imagine that they persisted in doing this and refused to go away, saying things like "you can't stop technology" when you protest the offense of having your reading so rudely interfered with.

When standard blocking technology doesn't work anymore, one option you have is to stop reading the newspaper. Or at least change the way it can be read: in the case of floaters, disabling JavaScript in the browser will shut down DHTML.

But disabling JavaScript and otherwise crippling browsers will only damage the Web itself in the long run: killing the host to exterminate some parasites. What a sad situation we've come to.

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