Cant uninstall Programs

By Warwick05 ·
I cant seem to see any of my programs listed in the Add or Remove programs screen, Before that i had installed Avast antivirus software, then my usb devices started malfunctioning , giving me an error message like, unknown device.

another thing in my task manager there are some programs running that i have never seen eg; snmp.exe i dont know how to solve this please can you help.
OS is Windows XP Service Pack 2, Version 2002

Thank you

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Got System Restore?

by robo_dev In reply to Cant uninstall Programs

If you have system restore enabled, revert to the time before you installed Avast.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Got System Restore?

Or maybe better, Delete Avast (if possible) then do system restore.

Lots of programs have the uninstaller in their local folder, usually called something like uninst.exe or uninst00.exe or uninstall.exe

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Wouldn't hurt to

by PurpleSkys In reply to Cant uninstall Programs

Install sp 3 as well and all other relevant updates.

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Avast Security Settings

by dandaman2234 In reply to Cant uninstall Programs

SNMP.exe ( short for 'Simple Network Management Protocol') is a process which runs under Windows OS. It provides the facility to gather communication requests from network equipment and redirect the information to a place where it can be analsyed. This can then be utilised by Avast in some form of network usage monitor.

As for the usb device not working and Add/Remove Programs missing, this sounds like a security setting (much like a group policy setting) being applied denying you access to install or modify programs on your PC as well as denying access to USB devices that could potentially contain virus'/trojans. You may need to decrease the security level in Avast to enable you to access these feature once again.

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Reponse To Answer

by Warwick05 In reply to Avast Security Settings

Thank you very much your answer has shade some light to me , i have managed to solve the problem, you are the best .

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by a.portman In reply to Cant uninstall Programs

Download and install revo uninstaller. It does a much better, faster job than add/remove programs. It will allow you to see some things that are not in a/r. Then run your updates. Make sure of what you are uninstalling before you remove it.

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Slow computer

by pdr5407 In reply to Cant uninstall Programs

Sometimes it takes 15 minutes or more for the Add/Remove program list to populate with your programs. It sounds like your Windows XP desktop has become very slow and almost unresponsive. I would suggest backing up all your data and reinstalling the OS. Also, adding RAM and running a good disk cleanup utility with registry cleaner will help out.

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