Can't uninstall Windows XP Pro

By harleyhead ·
I bought a computer from a friend of a friend who had installed a pirated copy of Windows XP Pro. I have a legal Windows XP disk that I had installed on my previous computer. All I want to do now is uninstall Windows XP Pro and re-install my legal XP.
How do I uninstall the pirated copy of Windows XP Pro?

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You cannot...

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Can't uninstall Windows X ...

because there will be no operating system left. Normally one can uninstall Windows upgrades but not the actual operating system.

Your best bet is to save the data you want to keep by burning a CD or copying the data to a USB Flash memory if that has enough capacity.

If you have deleted Windows XP from your old computer or if it crashed and you are using it as a boat anchor (check the EULA conditions for a transfer from,
you should be able to install Windows XP on the new computer. Make sure you select to delete the old partitions so that you start a clean install. Then copy the data back.

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More info

by harleyhead In reply to You cannot...

Thanks for your help.
Here's some more info. I have a 200GB hard drive. A couple of months ago I installed Ubuntu (Linux) on my computer because I was so fed up with Windows. It works fine and I now use it for email and surfing etc.
I still need Windows however, because I want to do a bunch of home video editing and DVD burning and my Roxio Creator 8 will likely only work under Windows.
I have copied just about everything I really need from my C drive to floppies and DVD's so I don't think I need anything from that drive and I assume that's where Windows resides.
I also have an "F" drive where I wanted to store and work with my videos and a "G" drive which I use as a backup.
Yesterday I found a program called Disk Redactor which supposedly wipes drives clean and you can select which drive to wipe, so I should be able to wipe "C" clean and start again by installing my legal copy of Windows XP into that.
But, I still have a couple of problems. 1) I'm not sure if this program which I put on a floppy will start in Ubuntu or if it will even find "C" drive! Ubuntu and Windows don't seem to share data right now which means that I may have to repartition my drive in which case I will probably loose all data anyway.
So, my other problem is, if I repartition my drive can I still retain my "F" and "G" drives while wiping clean my "C" drive?
Any thoughts?

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Firstly the utility wipes Hard Disc Drives

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More info

Not Partitions as it is unable to distinguish one partition from another when everything is on the same HDD. It will also delete any information that allows you to access the other partitions because the Index will no longer be on the C Partition.

The reason the Windows and Ubuntu do not talk to each other is that they are incompatible File Formats so you are unable to read a Linux Partition from the Windows Explorer though with some Linuxes you can read NTFS Partitions unfortunately Ubuntu isn't one of these. While it's OK for a Desktop replacement you can never expect a single CD Install of any OS & Software to have as much as several CD's or a DVD and Ubuntu doesn't have a massive Library of installable programs included at their Home Web Site unlike many of the other Linux's do.

As you are actually using a Debian Based OS in Ubuntu you could look for the software that you require on the Debian Web Site or even pay Mandriva to join the members club and have access to their Software Library where they hold thousands of GIGS of different programs so you will most likely find a replacement for your Windows Programs to run on Linux.


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Or if you are using the same version of XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't uninstall Windows X ...

You can use Magic Jellybean Keyfinder to change the Product Keys over and turn the Pirate copy into a Legal Copy.

Only one problem IE blocks this page for some reason so you'll need to use FF or some other Browser to download the utility.


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Magic Jelly Bean

by statykserver In reply to Or if you are using the s ...

Yes that is one cool utility and forgot about its ability to change the key as well.

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We can uninstall windos xp having same version

by vishal8492 In reply to Or if you are using the s ...

We can uninstall windows xp manually easy remember which you want to delete in which partition /or C because you can,t have both windows on same partition.Because after reformatting we cn install windows.

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Uninstalling windows

by simphiwe.zulu In reply to Can't uninstall Windows X ...

Install a new copy of XP and everything will be fine don't stress about uninstalling,when installing the fresh copy it will automatically removes the old one.Good luck

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