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Car Phone

By Jim Phelps ·
Anybody know of anyone who sells a car phone for use in the United States? I have searched far and wide, and the only car phones I have found are the Nokia models 810 and 6090, neither of which will work in the United States.

I'm sure that this would be a big seller in the United States. There are many situations, such as company cars and trucks, where you would want a phone permanently installed in a car.

I don't want to get a kit for putting my cell phone in the car; rather, I want a phone that is always in the car, using the car's battery rather than its own.

Any ideas

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On-Star needs the Onboard computer

by JimHM In reply to Is OnStar really availabl ...

The cars on board computer needs to be able to interface with the On-Star system - so I would belive that a 1989 is just to old of a vehicle onboard computer.

You may have to get something newer - I switched my mom from a 1992 to 2002 Tarus which had it.

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He won't part with his '89 Lincoln

by Jim Phelps In reply to On-Star needs the Onboard ...

I know that there is no way my dad will ever give up his '89 Lincoln Town Car.

His car is in perfect condition. It runs like brand new. And anytime ANYTHING breaks, he immediately fixes it.

He recently had it painted, and it now looks like it just came off the showroom floor.

He has told me several times that not only does he not like the new styles of cars, but he will have to learn where all of the buttons are located on the new car!

Besides, his is paid for.

C'mon, OnStar (or whoever): surely you have something to offer someone like my dad, without forcing him to buy a new car! (Maybe that's why they won't retrofit it to an old car, because they want to make you buy a new car.)

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Radio phones?

by Oz_Media In reply to On-Star is the most likel ...

Would you possibly be looking for the old radio phones that they used before cell phone technology? If so, I don't think they even sell these in a retail enviromnemt anymore. I would recommend looking at marine suppliers, I know the tugs around here still use them for sea to shore calls.

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That's a possibility

by Jim Phelps In reply to Radio phones?

That's a thought, if you can subscribe to some sort of service which will allow phone calls.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Old Cell Phones

by TheChas In reply to Radio phones?

The first few generations of cellular phones were nearly the size of the old radio phones.

They were usually hard wired into a car because the power consumption was too high for stand-alone battery.

The second or 3rd generation brought out the'bag' phones.
These had large lead-acid batteries. You needed the bag to hold the batteries.

I suspect that these older phones may not work with the current cellular networks.


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I considered mounting an old dial

by admin In reply to Car Phone

phone in my truck. Mainly because I thought it was funny. You can get a base that runs your house phones through your cell phone, so you never touch the cell for my nokia. Then you just plug the base into the inverter I have in the truck for my laptop and Voila! you can now plug ANY home phone in with a standard rj45 connector and mount it with duct tape or alternate mount of your choice. Drive around with the cell and base in the truck and appear european in the US of A.

Only problem is I think they stopped production. They are called I believe, and you can get them on e-bay perhaps.

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