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By Zen37 ·
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Hello everyone

We just had our Jeans priviledge (on fridays only) revoked for political reasons. I was wondering if there were a lot of you out there that enjoy that priviledge at your company.

Are you allowed to wear jeans on fridays? If no, what reason have they given for the rule. Here they told us it was to have a more professional image, but everyone else from all other departments (other than IT) are still allowed to wear jeans on fridays.

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That's the usual problem

by DMambo In reply to Jeans Outlawed

People either will not or do not know how to reasonably enjoy a privilege. We almost lost our casual dress code when one weenie came in wearing the rattiest looking cutoffs you could imagine. This guy looked like the comics vendor from The Simpsons. Had pretty much the same temperament, too. He got canned, which took the dress code pressure off.

We do not actually have a formal dress code. A few engineers wear jeans every day, but the IT dept (me) usually wears Dockers type pants and a collared shirt. The thing I enjoy most is the freedom to wear whatever shoes I like. Sneakers and hiking shoes go a long way to keeping my feet happy!

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mostly thats what I wear

by w2ktechman In reply to That's the usual problem

I prefer khakis, and a shirt with a coller (no graphics), and hiking boots (sometimes tennis shoes).
Mostly, that is what I/we wear around here. On Friday's though, I do get to wear jeans (un-ripped, and looking good).
So to keep the jeans in, I buy a new pair once a year, and I only use it here, so that it will continue to look good.

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No-pants friday!

by jdclyde In reply to mostly thats what I wear

As long as you stay at your desk, BOOOORRRRNNN FREEEEEEE......... :0

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Dream BIG!!!

by Tig2 In reply to No-pants friday! :D

As long as you're dreaming!

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No pants?

by Oz_Media In reply to Dream BIG!!!

And yet I wasn't addressed in the title? :)

I dream of big pants, anything else seems so...constrictive (in a boa constrictor frame of mind that is). One day they'll make a pair with a crotch like a knapsack and I'll be first in line.

Dare to dream

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Thats just plain Wrong!

by w2ktechman In reply to No-pants friday! :D

But funny nonetheless

Glad you arent working next to me, I would need to get that USB rocket launcher out, anytime you stood up to stretch
ready, aim, FIRE!!!

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by Shellbot In reply to No-pants friday! :D

not to say soemthing nasty about no pants friday, but i'll hold fast so i don't offend the good folks :)

(just thinking about a few years ago when one of the girls wore a skirt and had not shaved her legs..errrrgggg..nasty)

somehow i don't think it will catch on in many places JD..but keep dreaming ok..hate to see you get all disappointed

...have job interview monday *eek*

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by jdclyde In reply to tough

Best of luck with the interview! You WILL let us know how it goes, of course......

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Heya Shell :) Best of luck on monday!!!

by rob mekel In reply to tough

Knock'm dead :)

Lots of succes

...and do tell us how it went. :)

What kinda job is it?


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There can be only One!

by Dr_Zinj In reply to No-pants friday! :D

All personnel will be required to wear a long-sleeved, white-collared shirt, with cuff links, tie and tie tack or lace-ruffle. Plain black, or grey suit coat, calf-high woolen socks, brown or black shoes (shined), and a knee-length, woolen kilt of either plain black, grey, or their family's tartan pattern.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a professional business environment, underwear is required!

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