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Casual fridays

By Zen37 ·
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Hello everyone

We just had our Jeans priviledge (on fridays only) revoked for political reasons. I was wondering if there were a lot of you out there that enjoy that priviledge at your company.

Are you allowed to wear jeans on fridays? If no, what reason have they given for the rule. Here they told us it was to have a more professional image, but everyone else from all other departments (other than IT) are still allowed to wear jeans on fridays.

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I don't see the point

by maecuff In reply to Casual fridays

of business attire unless you have contact with customers.

I work in manufacturing and it's far from sexy. We USED to have to wear business attire until our union went on strike. Now it's jeans or track pants every day. You gotta look for the silver lining, right?

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Seems a shame they singled out IT

by mjd420nova In reply to Casual fridays

Our entire office has yet to experience this almost common practice. Not a day goes by that we don't meet and greet with a customer, so must look our best. In the field, coveralls are provided to those who do the dirty work, so they must adhere to the policy of shirt and tie, no jeans. Ladies must look sharp, but slacks are not outlawed. we do have six ladies who do field work, and they wear the coveralls almost everyday. I can't say that I blame them, as I've ruined more that a few shirts and pants doing just the non-dirty jobs where I thought it would be okay to skip the coveralls.

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Haha...Casual Fridays? What is that?

by jonathan In reply to Casual fridays

I'm the IT Manager/Administrator for a car dealership in Honolulu...I wear flip-flops and jeans/aloha shirt to work everyday. The Business Manager and General Manager usually wears sandals, slacks and untucked shirts and only the salesguys ever actually tuck in their shirts...

Oh yeah, its a little past is getting ready to shut down. ITS ALOHA FRIDAY BABY!!! Mai Tais and the beach are waiting. :)

I feel so sorry for you mainlanders...

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You Hiring???

by w2ktechman In reply to Haha...Casual Fridays? W ...

I wouldnt mind moving to Hawaii, and working all casual

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Me 2!

by ali40961 In reply to You Hiring???

FL is pretty laid back but not THIS much... Bags can b packed in 30 minutes....Swimsuit, shorts, sandals, Aloha shirt....:-)

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I don't know about that

by NickNielsen In reply to Me 2!

Key West is an attitude all its own.

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Well we have the 'privilege'

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Casual fridays

if you can call it that. If there are customers on our floor then we have to go back to smart.

Personally I don't consider it a privilege in any way at all, couldn't care less if they revoked it.

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Losers wear jeans to work.

by Absolutely In reply to Casual fridays

If other departments have less strict clothing requirements, it may be because they dress better, given the choice, than the average entry level IT guy, who dresses like a hobo, given the choice. Of course, it's also possible that there is a "political" conspiracy to conquer Quebec by forcing you to wear slacks.

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no fair

by Shellbot In reply to Losers wear jeans to work ...

i am not a loser!!!

ok well..i guess it depends on who ya talk to :)

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by Zen37 In reply to Losers wear jeans to work ...

Do you realize how offensive your comment is?

Let see, you seem to think that a person?s ability to succeed in life is guaranteed to fail, if they wear a certain type of common garment to work. You didn?t think all that much before you made that statement did you?

The other department personnel are not dressed better. They wear clean jeans without holes, permanent stains or bad stiching. Just like we did.

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