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By Zen37 ·
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Hello everyone

We just had our Jeans priviledge (on fridays only) revoked for political reasons. I was wondering if there were a lot of you out there that enjoy that priviledge at your company.

Are you allowed to wear jeans on fridays? If no, what reason have they given for the rule. Here they told us it was to have a more professional image, but everyone else from all other departments (other than IT) are still allowed to wear jeans on fridays.

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True, I didn't devote a lot of careful reflection to that comment.

by Absolutely In reply to Wow

What of it?

To borrow the primary gimmick of a well-liked American joke teller, "If you're so sensitive to having your competence judged according to your clothes, maybe you are a loser." I thought slightly more about that.

Really, clothing is a personal choice and jeans are perfectly appropriate in some perfectly respectable places. A modern office is not one of those places.

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Beg to differ

by GSG In reply to Losers wear jeans to work ...

Here, our IT department dresses pretty sharp. All we've asked is that we can wear jeans, which are a heavier weight fabric, when moving equipment. We were turned down because it's not professional. So, I keep turning in my receipts for replacement clothes. Maybe they'll get the point after the 3rd $100 skirt, or the $75 blouse... but again, maybe not.

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Permission granted.

by Absolutely In reply to Beg to differ

You may differ, LOL!

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Jeans are best for a data center environment

by Navy Moose In reply to Beg to differ

For the past three years I worked for a firm which allowed us techies to wear jeans as often as we wanted. I have seen people rip expensive dress clothes while racking a server. This is the reason I feel Systems Administrators should be able to dress down.

I have done IT in the military, and the material BDUs are made of, are far stronger. If I could find dress clothes made of that material, I'd buy it.

The company I started working for this past week is the exact opposite. I am now getting used to wearing ties and dressy clothes to work..........Oh, my new firm's idea of causal Friday is no tie.

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Oh, yeah!

by NickNielsen In reply to Jeans are best for a data ...

That's a concept I can dress up in: Dockers-style slacks made of rip-stop BDU material! I don't know from call to call if I'm going to be crawling or climbing, though, so until then, given the choice I'll wear jeans,

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Jeans are best for a data ...

All that time you save not running PT in the morning is now spent deciding what to wear to work.

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Not for this job

by NickNielsen In reply to Ex-Military

It's actually easier. I wear a company shirt and jeans.

No more worries about making sure the BDU shirt and pants are equally faded. Nothing gets more attention than wearing a brand new shirt with 6-month-old well-faded pants.

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Life was simpler.....

by Navy Moose In reply to Ex-Military

On active duty, my closet has clothes of one only color, green. Easy to pick clothes out. One pair of well broken in boots completed the ensemble.

Now, I have to use my feeble color coordination skills to determine if a dark blue shirt goes with khaki pants, and then what color tie will go with my shirt. Shoes, do I want to wear oxfords or loafers?

Navy Moose

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Oxfords or Loafers?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Life was simpler.....

Dude, I don't even know the difference...

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Oxfords / Loafers

by Navy Moose In reply to Oxfords or Loafers?

The Oxfords are the Bates shoes we are all issued in bootcamp. Loafers are dress shoes which don't need laces.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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