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CBL lists, cure worse than the ailment?

By jdclyde ·
We all want to stop the SPAMMERS from filling our mailboxes and sucking up our bandwidth. What lengths should we go to, to stop the SPAM?

There is an alleged "service" by SpamHaus called the CBL list.

In theory, a good idea. In practice, a big mistake.

Over the last few years, I have found my company on this blacklist and everytime it has been shown that there was NOT a single issue or offense on my part or coming from my network.

It generally takes a few weeks to get this resolved once and for all, and in the mean time, you get to play the game of requesting to get removed from the list AFTER your emails start bouncing back. Yes, it takes a few hours to get off the list.

What admin in their right mind would subscribe to a service that would deny possible business emails, costing them business? At least with a spam filter, it goes into a quarantine that can be searched and released, and even add to their own whitelist for mails that otherwise might get blocked.

Have you even gotten blocked by this "service"?

Do you use this "service"?

What legal recourse can be taken against alledged "services" like this that hurt your legitimate business?

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Steps taken to ensure network is secure

by jdclyde In reply to CBL lists, cure worse tha ...

First step, my firewall drops all SMTP traffic except going to and from our email server.

This prevents a pc from getting infected and running a mail bot. Note, this would show up on my firewall logs.

We run Domino on SuSE linux. Right off the bat, all windows virus infections are ruled out.

Relay blocks are in place for the mail server.

Have setup a sniffer (wireshark) and captured a lot of traffic and nothing showing SMTP traffic that shouldn't be there.

I have emailed the "fine people" at explaining the issue AGAIN, and requesting them to contact me if there is an issue that I can resolve.

The last time they blocked us for two weeks, it was because they didn't "like" the way our firewall would respond to them. So F'en what?!?! That doesn't make it spam. Had to add a line in our firewall to make them happy.

Because of NAT, email goes out our NAT address and in the set address listed in the DNS. This was also explained as it seemed to confuse them how it would not go in the same address it went out on...... hello?

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Off the list, AGAIN, for now, again.....

by jdclyde In reply to CBL lists, cure worse tha ...

Got off the list, again. The fourth time in a week.

Still no response from the people at spamhous.

wonder how long it will take to get back on the list this time?


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I was on some list for a while

by Dr Dij In reply to Off the list, AGAIN, for ...

some ID10T 'consultant' put my domain on the list because I have a large amount of forged 'from' headers in spam claiming to be from my domain.

This was probably because my domain is short and spammers are extremely dumb, probably too hard for them to remember a longer domain name to fake.

I didn't really care because I never send out email but I did try talking to the person.

It is fairly easy to check that the server that the faked spam is rec'd from matches the actual outgoing server that would send real email for that domain.

OH well..

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spoofed emails are so easy

by jdclyde In reply to I was on some list for a ...

you wouldn't believe how many times I have received spam from myself? :0

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by aekblade In reply to Off the list, AGAIN, for ...

if your domain keeps getting listed, call your DNS provider and make sure your mx records are correct and are pointing back to the right DNS name for your mail server, or firewall, or whatever you're using.

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I have set up good reverse DNS with my line provider - Verizon

by joel In reply to ..

Unfortunately, that has NOT helped to keep my server off of the CBL. I have repeatedly requested the whitelisting of my IP addresses and that request is repeatedly ignored. It is making me nutz.

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How can I write to these people?

by joel In reply to CBL lists, cure worse tha ...

The same thing is happening to me. They are driving me and my customers CRAZY. I don't know what to do about it and I cannot seem to find any way to get their attention.

If you have a link to an on-line form other than the standard one that always shows up and that they seemingly ignore, I would greatly appreciate it.

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