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CCIE or Masters in CS/IT or PMP

By Garion11 ·
Which one would you do? At this point I am finding out that my love and passion is with technology and I am going to stay in it for better or worse (A refreshing statment I hope from all the threads of people leaving IT). Anyway, as an IT Professional, I am at a crossroads in my life and I was hoping to get some information/advice/suggestions on which way to go. I am going to be wrapping up my BS in Business Administration in a couple of months (so glad I took it and am finishing it) and possess several certs namely A+, N+, MCSA, some Dell certs etc...but would like to continue in gaining further knowledge (and experience). So I ask this question to you, the young and the experienced , which one would you do if you had a choice between CCIE, Masters, or PMP (The time I am looking for is the next 2-3 years)?

Here are my thoughts on PMP: If my understanding of Project Management is correct (and please correct me if I am wrong), I think its a fascinating career path which can be applied in so many different industries and fields. I always enjoyed the customer interaction, training, implementation, traveling, about IT and I would think a PMP (with experience of course) could only enhance that aspect. In fact, when I decide on which path I am taking, it is going to be like a big project and isn't that what life is all about...small and big projects?

CCIE: What can I say? Its like being a Marine of Networking. Challenging, respect, prestige, and to be a rare and unique individual in IT is incredibly appealing.

Masters in CS/IT: because it has such a a wide applicability in IT.

Please note I am 28 if anyone was curious. So I ask what would you do? and What do you suggest I should go after?

In addtion, please feel free to post on what you are currently pursuing (the ones that are left in IT) and why?

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If it were me

by jdmercha In reply to CCIE or Masters in CS/IT ...

MS no question.

Certs are temporary, an MS is forever.

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Career Path

by zanewest1 In reply to CCIE or Masters in CS/IT ...


i know this response is quite a delayed resonse but i come across this question quite a lot and it may be of interest to someone else reading this too.

I am also very much in IT for better or worste. i have always been very technical and found myself asking the same questions as you are.
I have been in IT for around 12 years now and in response to your delema i have this to say.
I as the IT manager who does the hiring within the department look for the following. I look for two types of people when making a decision on which person is best suited to the position that i am trying to fill. Firstly if it is a junior position, i look for someone who has the right basic skills relevent to the position, this is generally where your certifications come into play like the Dell, MCSA and so on the you mentioned above. Primarily i look for the right kind of attitude and someone willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and as part of that requires diversity in the skill set with a primary focus on a particular area.
For a more senior position i look for someone who has maintained that diversity and someone who is able to "see the big picture". ie someone who is able to recognise and understand the impact of a particular system on the overall infrastructure.
For the more senior positions i dont really care about the certifications such as the microsoft and whether or not they have maintained them.
So to respond to your question question directly, All of the study directions that you are looking at are fine.

I am a big fan of diversity and certifications that require some sort of a continued education process, such as the PMP. from what you have said you sound quite excited about the prospect of project management, in which case it is essential to maintain the diversity of your certifications and qualifications. you have the degree so i would not worry too much about a masters at this point, i would concentrate on technical certifications. a good one would be CISSP which is general and would compliment the PMP quite nicely.

CCIE is fantastic if cisco is the route you wish to go and this is your forte, if this is not an area that you have concentrated on at this stage of your career. i would say it is propably not of that much interest to you, so i would rather tone it down a bit and go with a cisco certification not quite as souped up, keeping with the diversity.

I hope that helps in your decision or at least give you a slightly diferent perspective on things.


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