cd/dvd multi drive problems.

By davolowe ·
my cd/dvd combo reads and burns blank cd roms and will play any pre recorded media. When empty, in my computer, drive is shown as DVD-RAM drive(D:) but if I put any blank dvd in it changes to CD DRIVE(D:) and shows icon of a DVD-R and will not read disk and shows "capacity 0Mbytes" + "free space 0Mbytes" I have tried various media to no avail and also a brand new combo drive only to get the above results. I am running Windows xp (which ive tried reinstalling) 1GB ddr ram with AMD athlon 3000+ 160GB sata hard drive. system works perfectly apart from above.

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Me Too

by mbsjshad In reply to cd/dvd multi drive proble ...

Yes I have the same problem. I have been all over searching for the cause. This seems to be a problem that no one has found out the cause. Does anyone know?

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What's the brand and model of your CD/DVD combo?

by fwang In reply to cd/dvd multi drive proble ...

CD/DVD combo are usually CD reader/writer with DVD reader. Meaning you can only use it to burn CD-R, but can't burn DVD-R (or DVD+R). It should be able to read both.

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DVD Reply

by mbsjshad In reply to What's the brand and mode ...

I have a Memorex DVD Double-Layer Recorder
16x16 Dual Format Internal drive. I had previously Roxio Creator 9 installed - Uninstalled - CLeaned all registry - Had nero 7 - Uninstalled - Cleaned the same - Unistalled drive and drivers reboot - replace drive - New flash firmware - I have been around the net and this problem seems like it is spreading. I had a card reader installed via usb - disconnected that. COuld there be an XP update that is starting this. My anti virus and security is Zone Alarm suite - scanned and updated. Motherboard settings are all correct. MY concern goes to the drive reading 0 kb but showing full. I can actually click on the drive and it opens up as though there are files on a cd. I should get nothing on drive insert media. Could this be a XP cd file write problem. I have used this to copy cd's?

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this is farfetched but have you tried it as sole master

by sgt_shultz In reply to DVD Reply

on the ide bus?

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No I haven't...

by daleerice In reply to this is farfetched but ha ...

Can it be done without opening it up? I don't work on the insides of laptops.

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I have the same problem with the same hardware

by zumadobies In reply to DVD Reply

Hi, I too have searched the web near and far and just happen to stumlbe on this thread,and I just read the above, that I too am suffering the same problems.
I still haven't found and answer,
also, when I put in either cd or dvd, the dvd player acts like it's going to read the disk, and then is just kinda stops, but the disk is still moving, it seems, like it's stuck.
any suggestions would be extrememly helpful, because I've wasted way to much time on trying to figure this out.
Malibu, CA

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Have you guy's

by Jesus_C In reply to cd/dvd multi drive proble ...

installed a dvd decoder as well as a dvd burning software?

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Yes I have

by mbsjshad In reply to Have you guy's

Yes I have installed everything. Has anyone found out anything? This seems to be working it's way around the net.

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I'm having the same problem

by mickey_68836 In reply to Yes I have

I'm having the EXACT same problem. Has anyone found an answer yet?

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I have the same issue...

by daleerice In reply to I'm having the same probl ...

Dell Inspiron notebook and Roxio.
Roxio will see the disk as a DVD and burn data to it but Windows Explorer changes from "CD/DVD-RW(D:)" to "CD Drive(D:)" upon insertion of a blank DVD.
Has anyone found the answer yet?

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